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John 11: 25 -27

 JESUS said unto Martha, 

I + am the Resurrection, 

and the Life: 

he that believeth in ME+,

though he were dead, 

yet shall he live:


And whosoever liveth 

and believeth in ME+ 

shall never die. 

Believest thou this? 

She saith unto HIM+,

 Yea, LORD I+ believe that 

THOU+ art the CHRIST+, 

the SON+ of GOD+, 

WHO+ should come into the world.

What Did the RESURRECTION of CHRIST JESUS Do for His+ Followers ?

Besides making us VERY HAPPY that JESUS CHRIST is alive and well and is seated in ROYALTY at the Right Hand of His+ FATHER... there are certain glorious benefits we receive from His+ Resurrection... both now and later.

His+ Resurrection procured for us Life Eternal... that is, Life after our carnal death.

It did some other things, too !

 His+ RESURRECTION procured for us the SANCTIFICATION of the Baptismal waters of Holy Baptism. ( See 1 Peter 3: 21).

Notice in John 4:2 that JESUS Himself+ did not baptize... just His+ disciples.

They were baptized unto repentance... which was the repentance preached by John the Baptist.

For, the HOLY SPIRIT was not yet given because JESUS was not yet GLORIFIED. John 7:39

The HOLY SPIRIT was not yet given as a "gift" , as in the Baptismal waters in Acts 2:38,  because JESUS had not YET triumphed over the satan in Hades / Sheol. 

That TRIUMPH came after the Crucifixion... indeed, the moment His+ SPIRIT left His+ tortured and tired Body on the Cross.

The Gates of Hell 
did NOT prevail against 

Indeed, the ancient pre-Nicene Christian writings say that the satan and his beings fled and cowered and cringed as the LIVING SECOND ADAM+ came into their strong-hold and preached to the captives and set them free … to go with HIM+ into Heaven... leaving Sheol / Hades. 

HE+ led those who were in the strong-hold in the heart of the earth out, to the Paradise of GOD in Heaven.  As they were going... some of these spirit-men appeared to flesh-men in Jerusalem, telling them that JESUS had set them free and HE+ was the MESSIAH, according to the Ancient Pre-Nicene writings. 

No longer would the Righteous  be forced to enter the heart of the earth where Death held them captive after they died. ( The unrighteous still descend to the heart of the earth when THEY die. )

No, Followers of JESUS will not die ... meaning that they will no longer enter the realm of the dead in the heart of the earth... that is, their souls and spirits will immediately ascend to Heaven to be ever with The LORD.  They are passed from death UNTO  LIFE !  

JESUS said in John 5:24 :

 Verily, verily, I+ say unto you, He that heareth My+ word, and believeth on HIM that sent ME+, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

 But as it is written,  
Eye hath not seen
nor ear heard, 
neither have entered 
into the heart of man, 
the things which GOD hath prepared 
for them that love HIM.
1 Corinthians 2:9

However, their dead bodies will return to earth to await the Resurrection at the LAST TRUMPET. Then, their bodies will rise from the dust to join their spirits and souls.... all incorruptible again… all together again.  

Followers of JESUS will ALSO NOT DIE the second death which awaits all those who died and whose names are NOT written in the LAMB's+ Book of Life. (See Rev. 2:11, 20: 6, 14, and 21:8 )

Because of His+ Mighty Resurrection, we are FREED from the control of the satan.  Now the satan can only use illusions to torment us; our chains to him are severed permanently .... if we continue to agree with JESUS and to obey HIS+ Word.

Bless GOD:


Worthy is the LAMB+ !

Worthy is the LAMB+ !

Worthy is the LAMB+ of GOD

Slain from the Foundation of the world.

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