Tuesday, March 15, 2016

ONE Will : TWO Choices --- Passover Meditations for the Monastic-At-Heart


There are two forces at work in the Universe. The most powerful one is The LORD JESUS CHRIST.  The second most powerful one is the satan.

Human beings have been given Free Will by The LORD.

That is, poor as well as rich, bond as well as free, female as well as male, young as well as old, ignorant as well as brilliant... we all have ONE thing given in EQUAL amounts to each of us:  a Free Will.

No-one or no thing can MAKE  us CHOOSE to do wrong or right.

Now, there may be a price to pay for doing the right thing, but if we are willing to pay that price no matter what it is, we will see that NO-ONE or NO THING can change our will to do what is right.

No-one can MAKE us choose to do wrong.

If we die holding onto our right choice, we die... but "they" have not forced us to change.  That is why "they" kill us: we would not change even in the face of death.

A Free Will has been granted each and every individual on planet earth.

Because Man did not give it to us, Man cannot take it away. It was given at creation to Man by the LORD of Creation.

Therefore, HE can take our Free Will away... and HE does. As soon as we close our eyes in death, our Free Will is ended: we must remain in our choice.

That choice was made while we went through our allotted years on earth. Yes, every day --- indeed, every hour --- we lived on planet earth, we choose.

What did we choose ?

With our GOD-given Free Will, we chose to yield allegiance to one of the 2 forces of the Universe.

At any point in time in our entire lives, we agree with either The LORD or else with the satan. 

In short, we either yield to The LORD JESUS CHRIST or we yield to the satan... at any given point in time throughout or lives.

Saved or Unsaved... we agree with either ONE+ or the other... and never both at the same point in time because they are deadly enemies.

This is why sharp words, bad attitudes, and regretful actions are oftentimes seen in persons who are Saved.  They have agreed with their Adamic nature instead of agreeing with the LORD.

Now some persons might think they do NOT agree with the satan, even though they want nothing to do with The LORD. That is, they do not want the LORD JESUS CHRIST to control their lives. They want to be free of "religious" strictures which hamper their Free Will.

So, they live their lives decently and as humanely as THEY see fit... without the LORD JESUS. 

What they do not realize is that they were BORN with a suction cup attaching themselves to the satan. All progeny of Adam were born with this spiritual appendage, unfortunately.

If the satan cannot lure people by evil temptations into his camp, then he lures them by good ! 

Yes, he instructs them through their "human mind" in how to be good and righteous --- humanly-speaking --- and attaches them to the OTHER side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  

Unfortunately for these good-doers, they are STILL attached to the wrong tree; they have not been attached to the Tree of Life.  Because all men speak well of them, their error is hidden to their own eyes and they are in grave danger.

This danger is, of course, Eternal Damnation. 

Those fellows hanging onto the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are actually in better shape because they KNOW they are wretched and evil. And, in their better moments, some may wish they did not "have" to always be evil, but (sigh) they are powerless to change ... they think. 

Human beings have been given their own Free Will.  No-one can take it away here on earth. In addition, NO-ONE can control that Free Will except the individual TO WHOM IT HAS BEEN GIVEN.

Furthermore, our own Free Will is the only freedom we have.

GOD did not give EVERYBODY across the globe in all era's and ages the right to vote, own property, or even marry whom he / she chose.

Indeed, some individuals have been born into the most wretched living conditions and circumstances imaginable.

Some live in slavery, some in horrible fear. Some in bondages that most of us cannot even imagine. Some have even their rights to their own bodies taken from them, and that, at a very young age.

Most common folk have very limited choices for vocation, recreation, housing, etc.

Most can do very little to change the range of choices they have for their station in life and very few can change their station, even in a free society.

Our human freedoms generally are limited to the "tea or coffee ?" variety... choices of very little significance.

That Free Will, though, is granted to us all --- each and every person on earth --- by GOD for one purpose: to choose to whom we will be attached for all Eternity.

If we choose the satan, then we will be attached to him throughout Eternity.

If we choose our flesh, then again we will be attached to the satan throughout Eternity.

If we choose the mind's way, humanly-speaking, using Reason as our guide, then we will be attached to --- Surprise!--- the satan, just like Eve and Adam, as they reasoned out the path for their own happiness in the Garden of Eden.

In short, if we choose what we think is best to enhance Self, then we will be attached for all Eternity to the satan once again.

If, in our Free Will, we choose to attach ourselves to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then HE+ breaks the natural, Adamic bond we have with the satan and we are promised Eternity in Heaven !

However, the satan will NOT let us go that easily. After all, we were attached at birth to him and served him many a-year. He was, as one could say, very "attached" to us!

When we yield the control of our life to The LORD JESUS CHRIST, that attachment to the satan is severed... unless we turn BACK to our Adamic, natural man's ways... which always leads us back into the satan's camp.

Unfortunately, that "turning back" can happen in little ways as well as big.

At the start, we do not forsake JESUS CHRIST, but we also do not want to forsake some of our life-long habits, our vices, our faults, or other un-Scriptural ways we have developed when under the tutelage of the satan's camp.
Two forces --- and only two --- are at work in this Universe. Neither one FORCES us to choose its kingdom. Our choice is totally voluntary.

At any given point in time, we have the Free Will to be used by ONE+ or the other... but never both at the same time.

Our only freedom is to choose TO WHICH we will attach ourselves.

THE LORD will not and the satan can not make us choose; we do it ourselves.

That is why man is totally accountable unto GOD.

We are not accountable for the conditions into which we are born.  We are not accountable for what others do unto us.

We are only --- but, EVER --- accountable for choosing The LORD JESUS or the satan.

It is OUR choice... our only REAL choice here on earth. 


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