Tuesday, March 22, 2016

They Have Stripped ME+ of My+ Garments


Tuesday evening and night 
and Wednesday, 
the day of crucifixion 
at the 3rd Hour of the Day, 
the time of the morning sacrifice 
in the Temple.

Passover meal , Garden of Gethsemane, Sweating Drops of BLOOD. Judas betrays JESUS with a kiss as the large crowd with clubs and swords from the High Priest sent them to take HIM+ by force.  

The Jewish Council, meeting at night,  condemned HIM+. The rough men spit in His+ face, slapped HIM+, and mocked HIM+. They blind-folded HIM+ and taunted HIM+ with insults.   Peter denied  HIM+ 3 times before the Cock crowed twice.

TIME-LINE : Wednesday 

In the early morning, the Chief Priests and Elders bound HIM+ and brought HIM+ to Pilate the Roman governor. Pilate gave the order to scourge JESUS and to have HIM+ crucified. 

HE+ was scourged. 

The Roman cohort stripped HIM+ and put a scarlet robe on HIM+, put a crown of thorns on His+ Head and put a reed in His+ hand and mocked HIM+ again, spitting on HIM+.  Then they led HIM+ out through the streets, carrying His+ Cross, to be crucified. 

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