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 The Resurrection Season was not limited to Resurrection Sunday. It lasted until Ascension Day.  This Resurrection "season" was the 40 days and 40 nights the Resurrected LORD JESUS CHRIST  spent with His+ disciples, coming and going among them --- in His+ glorified body ---, teaching them things and opening their understanding unto the Scriptures  which told about HIM+. 
( See Luke 24:27,  Luke 24:44-45,  Mark 16:20, Acts 1:3. )

These Scriptures, of course, were the Prophets and Patriarchs and Psalms found in the Old Covenant because ... the New had not yet been written. 

... That Ye Might Believe ............

But these things have been written,
in order that ye might believe
 that JESUS is the CHRIST,
the SON+ of GOD;
and that believing,
ye might have 
through His+ Name.
John 20:31
 *** Literal Greek

+  +  +


All the flurry of events recorded in the Gospel accounts of when the Followers of JESUS first saw HIM+ in His+ glorified Body --- including the crucifixion scars --- were recorded for one purpose: THAT WE ALL MIGHT BELIEVE IN JESUS.

Now,  BELIEVE ... that particular Greek verb is a familiar word,  pisteu0 # 4100 in Strong's.

It normally is translated as "believe." It means to credit with faith or to trust. 

Let's replace "believe" with "trust" in this verse.

But these things have been written,
in order that ye might
that JESUS is the CHRIST,
the SON+ of GOD;

and that TRUSTING,
ye might have
through His+ Name.

Thus, these accounts were recorded so that we might TRUST that JESUS is the REAL CHRIST Who+ was to come into the world.

Now, let's look at another familiar verse , the last verse in the third chapter of John, verse 3:36.

He that believes [ TRUSTS]
on the SON+
has everlasting life:

and [but]
he that believes  not
[ DISOBEYS]  the  SON+
shall not see LIFE;

but [ contrariwise]
the wrath of GOD
abides on him.

Here, then, is a major, MAJOR problem with the translation.

There are two DIFFERENT Greek words used for "believe," but the KJV translators reduced them down to one common word.  

That was MOST unfortunate. The Christian world has paid dearly for that verse's errors.

 [ NOTE: The Aramaic-Syriac Peshitta agrees with the Greek text, both quite early. It seems the KJV translators followed the Latin Vulgate text for this one verse. Why, I do not know. --- sjh

Because the translators were not completely honest in their translating, many, many souls have relegated their walk with GOD to a mere mental "agreement" to an historical event.

By accepting the ERRORS, for instance, a reader might think that BELIEVING was a mental exercise... sort of like agreeing with the FACT of an historical event, that the event took place.  For instance, we believe that Napoleon lived and led his people into wars.  

That is a mental belief, based on trust-worthy historical records.  It requires NO CHANGE OF HEART to accept that as a true fact even though we who are alive now did not experience the Napoleonic wars.

No change of heart is required as long as one holds to the "correct" doctrines, yes ?

NO.  Absolutely NOT.  A change of heart is required. 

Belief is NOT a mere mental agreement to an historical fact or a set of doctrines.

In Scripture the pisteu0 word entails a TRUSTING of one's Self to JESUS CHRIST. That act goes far beyond a mental acceptance as a "belief."

This kind of believing is made effective ONLY BY EXPERIENCE, only when we actively ARE entrusting our lives unto HIM+.

The second word is apeithe0. That is the second "believe (not) " found in John 3:36. 

Now this word is scary ! This verse is terrifying, if read in the Greek.  

This "believe (not)" literally means " to refuse to be persuaded"... and that means "obstinately and willfully refusing GOD'S will even when one knows it."  It means being stubborn... stubbornly un-accepting  GOD'S Truth even though one  KNOWS  HE+  is  right.    


For that person, the WRATH of GOD abides on ---  remains on ---  sits on him.  He cannot turn to the left hand nor to the right without running head-long into the wrath of GOD.

But these things have been written,
in order that ye might
that JESUS is the CHRIST,
the SON+ of GOD;
and that TRUSTING,
ye might have
through His+ Name.

+  +  +

Let Us Pray...

O Gracious Heavenly FATHER,

I come to THEE in trembling for all the persons I know who are willfully obstinate in their refusal to bend the knee to THEE and to Thy SON+, The RISEN LORD JESUS.

Grant me, I beseech THEE, an anointing to reach these lost, lost souls for THEE.

Help me to pray with Thine Anointing.

Let the fire of Thy SPIRIT go forth, so that not by might nor by power, but by Thy SPIRIT may their yoke of hardness be broken, O LORD, that they may be saved from facing Thy wrath.

We know, O Merciful FATHER, that it is Thy desire that all should turn and be saved and come to the knowledge of the TRUTH+.   For  it is written,  Turn ye, Turn ye, at MY Reproof, for why will ye die ?  

Therefore, we ask these things in the Name of Thy Beloved SON+ our Risen and Glorified LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

+  +  +

I+ am the resurrection, and the life:
 he that believeth in ME+,
though he were dead,
yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth
and believeth in ME+
shall never die.

Believest thou this?

Yes, LORD, I+ believe
 that THOU+ art the CHRIST,
the SON+ of GOD,
 WHO+ should come into the world.
+  +  +

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