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Touch ME+ not; I+ am not yet ascended... 

[ The Resurrection Season was not limited to Resurrection Sunday. It lasted until Ascension Day.  This Resurrection "season" was the 40 days and 40 nights the Resurrected LORD JESUS CHRIST  spent with His+ disciples--- in His+ glorified body ---, teaching them things and opening their understanding unto the Scriptures  which told about HIM+. 

These Scriptures, of course, were the Prophets and Patriarchs and Psalms found in the Old Covenant because ... the New had not yet been written. ]

John 20:17

JESUS said unto her
Touch ME+ not;
for I+ am not yet ascended
to My+ FATHER:

but go to My+ brethren,
and say unto them,
I+ ascend

unto My+ FATHER,
and your FATHER;

and to My+ GOD,
and your GOD.

   +  +  +

But we see JESUS,
WHO+ was made
a little lower than the angels
for the suffering of death,

crowned with glory and honor;
that HE+
by the grace of GOD
should taste death for every man.

For it became HIM,
for WHOM are all things,
and by WHOM are all things,

in bringing
many sons unto glory,
to make
the CAPTAIN+ of their Salvation
perfect through sufferings.

For both
HE+ that sanctifieth
and they who are sanctified
are all of one:

for which cause
HE+ is not ashamed
to call them Brethren.

HEBREWS 2:9- 11

+  +  +


HE+ is not ashamed of us ? 

How can that be ?

HE+ is not ashamed of us ? …  who whine and murmur, groan and complain through-out our day ?

HE+ is not ashamed of us ? … who are so concerned about our own family's salvation but do not have time to concern ourselves about the salvation of strangers ... whether they be nearby or across the sea ?

HE+ is not ashamed of us ? … who refuse to don a head-covering ( 1 Cor. 11) , who refuse to forsake looking like the world, talking like the world, and behaving like the world ?

HE+ is not ashamed of us ? …   who are too tired and busy to stop our day to come before HIM+ ... in humility and thanksgiving ?

NO, rather...  the truth of the matter is this:  

of those…

of HIM+.

Those who confess HIM+ before the  hidden, Unseen Watchers and put to chase the spirits of Self, complaining, and grumbling … HE+ is openly not ashamed of these Blood-washed Believers.

Those who make a sacrifice of thanksgiving and with determination maintain their trust in HIM+ to utterly conduct their affairs as HE+ sees fit --- even when adversity arrives --- HE+ is unreservedly not ashamed of these Faithful ones who lift HIM+ up in their hearts.

Those who care about the dying souls who have never heard the Word+ of GOD or those who care about the many souls who have never understood clearly the CHOICE between Eternal Life and Eternal Damnation... HE+ is joyously not ashamed of these Laborers in His+ Kingdom.

Those Followers who have forsaken the world, its ways, and ALL of its values and have maintained a distinct separation... so distinct that the worldlings may see at a glance a glimmer of the Essence of GOD... ah, no, HE+ is definitely not ashamed of these Separated ones who follow HIM+ boldly and unashamedly !

Those who pay the price that the world exacts on those who REFUSE to allow "the requirements" to absorb their entire life's energy --- for a job, a career, for fine housing and all the amenities of this life --- in order to have SOME QUALITY energy to devote to CHRIST JESUS ... YES ! HE+ is delightedly not ashamed of these Single-of-Eye Followers. 

For both
HE+ that sanctifieth
and they who are sanctified
are all of one:

for which cause
HE+ is not ashamed
to call them Brethren.

Are we His+ Brethren ? 

Yes, we are ... when we live in ONENESS with Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Both a babe in CHRIST and a mature Follower of JESUS can live in ONENESS with CHRIST ... if that Follower determines to do so.

It is simply a matter of priorities.  

When we yield our lives unto His+ rule, HE+ sanctifies us daily.

of those HE+ sanctifies.

Furthermore, HE+ confesses us as "His+ Brethren" before Our FATHER WHO art in Heaven, hallowed be HIS Name, and before His+ Holy Angels.

+  +  +

Let us pray...

Dear Heavenly FATHER,

We are not ashamed of Thy+ Holy SON+ JESUS CHRIST !

We are not ashamed of HIM+ before our family, before our relatives, before our neighbors and friends. 

And we are not ashamed of JESUS CHRIST before our enemies... both visible and invisible.

Help us to STAND for JESUS in the inner man when the fear of the face of man raises its ugly head. 

Help us to STAND for JESUS in the inner man in spite of our aching bodies and hurting hearts.

Help us to STAND for JESUS in the inner man in the face of  adversities... knowing YOU are working in us a far greater maturity in CHRIST.

We thank THEE , O CHRIST, for calling us Thy+ "brethren."  Fit us for this calling, as only YOU+ can do.

For Thy+ Glory we pray this, O LORD, through the Name of JESUS CHRIST, our Risen LORD and SAVIOR.  Amen.

+  +  +

I+ am the resurrection,
and the life:
 he that believeth in ME+,
though he were dead,
yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth
and believeth in ME+
shall never die.

Believest thou this?

Yes, LORD, I+ believe
 that THOU+ art the CHRIST,
the SON+ of GOD,
 WHO+ should come into the world.
+  +  +

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