Monday, December 22, 2014

To HIM+ Shall the Gentile Seek...


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Isaiah 11: 10  ~  
 And in that day there shall be a ROOT+ of Jesse, 
which shall stand for an ENSIGN+ of the people;
to it shall the GENTILES seek:
and His+ rest shall be glorious.

Acts 11: 7-10 ~  And I heard a VOICE saying unto me, Arise, Peter; slay and eat. But I said, Not so, LORD: for nothing common or unclean hath at any time entered into my mouth.  But the VOICE answered me again from heaven, 

What G0D hath cleansed, 
that call not thou common.
And this was done three times: 
and all were drawn up again into heaven.

+  +  +

What GOD hath cleansed !
O Glorious Day of His+ Appearing !   

HE+ became INCARNATE, offering cleansing, peace, and goodwill toward  the Jews and Gentiles, alike.  HE+ is no respecter of persons.  

HE+ became INCARNATE to obliterate the wall that sin, death, and hell had erected between GOD and His highest creation on earth, man... a wall devised by the satan, the hater of mankind.  

Come, LORD JESUS.  Show Thyself+ in Thy+ Kingly power to all whom THOU+ hast cleansed from sin.  

How we long to see Thy+ Day evidenced once again on earth, as Abraham saw Thy+ Glory. 

How we long to see Thy+ Day evidenced on earth as Moses and Elijah witnessed it, foreseeing the CHRISTUS VICTOR over death, hell, and the grave, once and for all time. 

How we long to see Thy+ Day as Peter, James, and John glimpsed Thy+ Glory on the Mount before the glory overwhelmed them. 

How our hearts long to see THEE+, O SAVIOR CHRIST! 

O CHRISTUS VICTOR, JESUS, Who+ alone is SAVIOR of this dead and dying world, our hearts pant after THEE+ as a doe longs for running streams. Hasten, Hasten the Day of Thy+ Coming to us. 

We thank THEE+ for Thy+ gladsome Promise:

I+ will come again and will take you unto Myself+. 

I bind my heart to THEE+ ... and to THEE+ alone, O LORD CHRIST. 

O CHRISTUS VICTOR, rise up and show Thyself+. Let all those who hate THEE+ ... and Thy+ Rule ...  flee before Thy+ Face, O VICTOR CHRIST !  Let GOD arise, let His enemies be scattered. 

Q:  For who may abide the DAY of His+ coming ?

A:  Whomever each day  abideth in HIM+  !

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