Saturday, December 27, 2014

HE+ 's Coming ! HE+ 's Coming !

 Christmastide Meditation

Nativity and St. Jerome's Cave

Oh My+ Children! How often would I+ have gathered ye under My+ wings, but ye would not.  You wanted nothing to do with My+ ways, My+ values, but rather have chosen the world. 

With the world , then, you shall go. 

Have I+ not told you to FORSAKE the ways of the world and come and be full time for My+ Kingdom?  To spend your days full time WITH ME+ ... and ye would not ? 

Have I+ not told you to make NO PROVISION for the flesh... but instead, ye have made plenty... to live a life-style far above My+ Presence ? 

Have I+ joy in half-step obedience ? Have I+ joy in your following the example of other "good Christians" ... yet not following MY+ Example ? 

I+ had no pillow for My+ head; you have several. 
I+ had no animal to ride; you have two vehicles. 
I+ had no silver or gold; ye have both. 

FOCUS your heart upon ME+, 
not upon things of this world. 

Lay up, lay up for yourselves TREASURES IN HEAVEN; no moth nor man can steal those. Your treasures in Heaven, committed unto ME+ will give you the best return of any investment you could make in the Mammon fields.

For Mammon is about to fail. 

All will fall with it, whose hand is upon it.  

Mammon will not keep you;

 I+ will. 

And I+ say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations. Luke 16:9

Invest your treasures in Heaven; divest your keepings for the Eternal Habitations. You cannot out-give ME+. 

Be prepared for My+ Coming. 

Few were prepared for my first Advent. Fewer still are prepared for My+ second. Hide yourself in ME+. Learn to live by My+ Voice. I+ will direct you. 

Prepare for My+ Coming. It will be soon... sooner than you think. 

O My+ children... My+ children !

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