Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Great Wonder in Heaven....

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 Revelation 12  And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

In the Apostle John’s vision of Heavenly reality, a great , gloriously-clad woman was great with child. She had a crown of 12 stars on her head, and she was crying out with delivery pains.

The 12 tribes of Israel were ordained by the hand of GOD to be the people to bring forth the MESSIAH+ at the appointed time of deliverance.  

HE gave those 12 tribes a new land, a new language, and a new identity: they belonged to HIM. 

HE gave them a new LAW also, which pointed to the MESSIAH+ in every aspect.  

All this “new” –ness was for a purpose. It was given to help His people identify the MESSIAH+  when HE+ became incarnate upon earth.

12... 12... 12...

O Promised ONE+ Who+ broke upon the waters of mankind so many ages ago, grant me Thy+ Law of Life. Help me to so live for THEE+ that I may constantly abide in Thy+  land of Goshen, land of LIGHT+, with THEE+.

 Open my ears to Thy+ Voice, and let me learn Thy+ Heavenly language, O CHRIST.

 Grant me that new tongue which reveals that THEE+, O Promised CHRIST, is living within my heart. 

For Thy+ Name’s sake I pray. Amen. 

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