Monday, December 8, 2014

The InCarnated LIGHT

.  .  .  has dawned upon Mankind.  

Advent Meditations 2014

JOY to the WORLD ! 

In HIM+ was LIFE;  

and the LIFE was the LIGHT of Men.  

And the LIGHT shineth in darkness

and the darkness comprehended it not. 


O Children, why walk ye longer in darkness ? 

Why have ye not cast off the works of the flesh, of sin, of the devil that are clinging to you and making you non-effective ?   

Do ye not know there is a battle RAGING for your souls, and for the souls of all men?  

Have I+ not given you MY+ LIVING, power-filled Blood to cleanse you of yourself and to grant you power to deliver others  ?

Why have ye not renounced the hidden works of darkness? 

The night is FAR spent, the day is at hand;  let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armour of LIGHT.

Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.  Romans 13:12-13

Not in rioting ~ ~ ~ Do not run with the crowd and do anything that the natural-minded crowd does, even if they are church-attenders; stay away for your own safety. 

Not in drunkenness ~ ~ ~   Do not  drink the same cup of "spiritual" spirit-water that the natural-minded drink, even if they are decent fellows, neighbors, or relatives. Their water is poisoned. It will not refresh you.

Not in chambering ~ ~ ~ Do not lay about with worldlings, mingling your seed with theirs, in ANY and in EVERY sense of the word.  If you lay with the world, you will be one body with THEM; I+ will cast you from ME+. 

Not in wantonness ~ ~ ~ Do not do excess of anything. Do NOT toss off limitations in any area of your life. Stay sober; you have no license to indulge in gluttony... of any sort whatsoever. 

Not in strife ~ ~ ~  Do not concern yourself with "your civil rights."  As followers of ME+, you have NO CIVIL rights. . . in any land.  Those who do not know this will find this out shortly, like many others of My+ children. 

Focus rather on living TOTALLY for ME+; I+ will then be able to use you against the powers of darkness swarming the habitable world now.

Not in envying ~ ~ ~  Bury it ! Put it to death ! Temporal things are just that: temporary !  They are worse than temporary; they hinder you from walking in My+ Spirit. They hinder you from hearing My+ Voice. Casting your eye upon the things of this world makes you useless and ineffectual in My+ Kingdom.  

Come OUT OF HER, My+ people and touch not the unclean thing.  


Let us cast off the dark works through the Blood of JESUS CHRIST, WHO+ was born to set us free from these yokes of darkness.  
Such BLOOD !  
Such LIGHT ! 
   Such LOVE !


O Gracious SAVIOR+ , WHO+ came to over-come darkness, prepare me to stand for THEE+ in the time of trial, in the time of darkness. Let Thy+ Light rest upon me in this dark and dying world, so that in Thy+ LIGHT+, we may see LIGHT+ . Strengthen me with Thy+ Divine Body and Blood, so that dying, I may live with THEE+; and by living, I may die for THEE+, 
+ + + 

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