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Revelation 12:5  And she brought forth a MAN CHILD+, WHO+ was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her CHILD+ was caught up unto GOD, and to HIS throne.

+  +  +

This Royal ROD, this scepter, is used in Psalm 23 ... 
 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for THOU+ art with me; THY+ rod and THY+ staff they comfort me... 

... and in Isaiah 11:4.  
But with righteousness shall HE+ judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and HE+ shall smite the earth: with the rod of His+ mouth, and with the breath of His+ lips shall HE+ slay the wicked.

+ + +

This Special SCEPTER like the world has NEVER SEEN BEFORE ~ His+ Royal Rod ~  is  unyielding.  

It is the birth-right

JESUS, LORD at Thy+ Birth. 

His+ Royal Rod will come against all those who are UNYIELDING towards the LORDSHIP+ of the HOLY ONE+ of Israel. 

+  +  +

     Harken, , does not MY+ Word say, "... and with the froward, I+ will show Myself+ froward ? "   Does not My+ Word say, "... if ye walk contrary to ME+, then I+ will walk contrary unto you ? "

BEHOLD, I+ AM The LORD;  I+ change not. 
Turn ye, turn ye, ....  
O, why will ye die ... ? 

I have the keys of Hell and death!

+ + + 

The Rod of Iron in the Hand of The RISEN CHRIST will sift all nations. It will sift all religious organizations. It will sift each person carrying the name of CHRIST in his mouth. 

This Royal Rod will sift each nation by the TRUTH+ : What have you done to MY People, the ancient race who has brought forth The MESSIAH+ ? 

What have you done to MY People, MY+ little ones who have believed on ME+ and followed ME+ according to My+ Ways ? 

I granted you authority for a short time over MY+ People. How have you used that authority, O Egypt? O Sidonia ? O Tyre ? O current "city of baal" sitting on the Potomac? 


+  +  +

This Royal Rod will also sift every religious organization. 

What have YOU done to MY+ People, the ancient race whom I+ called forth to bring forth The MESSIAH ? 

What have you done to MY+ People, MY+ little ones who have believed on ME+ and followed ME+ according to MY+ Ways ?  

I+ placed you in authority over them to feed their souls and guide them away from the satan, to protect their lives. Have you done this ? 


+  +  +

O, WHOLE House of Israel, you call me "LORD, LORD" ... yet you do not do the things I+ say.  Is it merely the structure that I+ will be judging ?  Or will individuals be weighed in the balances, also ? 

What has each one of YOU who carry My+ Name, done with ME+, the promised CHRIST, The LIGHT+ of the World ? 

You have MY+ Word; did you give it freely to the world? 

You have MY+ Love; did you share it freely with the world? 

Alas... you have MY+ wrath... 
if you gave yourself more 
than you gave to ME+, in obedience.

+  +  + 

O Long-Suffering LORD Who+ became INCARNATE that we might become Holy, help me to turn my life around to the Living Light+, emptying myself to be filled with THEE+.  

I yield myself to THEE+, O HOLY ONE+, Who+ came once in humility but Who+ is returning in unquestionable KINGSHIP+ to this earth, to find a people prepared for THEE+. 

O, how I want to be among that number! 

This I pray, O LORD, in Thy+ Name and for Thy+ Sake. Amen

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