Saturday, December 10, 2011

Straw for the Manger #4....

.... Whereby the DAYSPRING+ from on High
 hath visited us,
To give light to them that sit in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.

For with THEE+ is the
Fountain of LIFE:
in Thy+ LIGHT
shall we see Light.

+  +

Dear Heavenly FATHER...
Remember the Traveler! 
Bring us safely home,
safely home...

O LORD, as we sojourn here through the valleys of human troubles, help us to lift our face to Thy Light.

Help us to walk in Thy Light, as HE+ is in the Light,
then... then.... then

we will have fellowship one with another, and The Blood of JESUS CHRIST His SON+ cleanseth us from all sin.
~  ~  ~
I ask THEE+ to keep me from hiding my sin from THEE+ ,  as did Cain, as did David. Help me to live in the Light of Thy+ Love, in the Light that repentance and Thy cleansing Blood bring into my heart. Help me, O LORD.

Heavenly FATHER,
Remember the Traveler!
Bring us safely Home,
safely HOME+ .
...I'm ready to go....
 ~~~ Fernando Ortega,
Christian worship leader
and Excellent Musician.

I+ AM the Light+ of the world:
he that followeth ME+
shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have
the Light+ of Life+
  +  +  +

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