Monday, December 19, 2011

SKELLIG MICHAEL... A Retreat into Prayer

Photo from
             Skellig Michael- Monastery in the sky-  Ireland

Photo from
Ancient Celtic Monks Living Quarters on Skellig Michael

                 A  Quiet Monk

A life given over to HIM+,
undistractable and focused,
agreed with CHRIST+ Our LORD.

Skellig Michael, an ancient monastery jutting out of the cold Atlantic, about 9 miles from Ireland, was used by a small group of monks for about 600 years. They were stone serious about their retreat into prayer. 
~  ~  ~ 

We hear much about prayer retreats these days. How long do your church brothers and sisters spend at theirs? How much time is spent in prayer during the rest of their lives?

How about learning to feel GOD'S presence? How about learning to BREATH with HIM+ Who+ needs no air, but is the Breath of Life for all who choose to come to HIM+ in repentance and in truth?

HE+ says, "Draw near to ME+ and I will draw near to you."

HE+ says, "If you seek ME+ with all of your heart, you  will  find ME+."

In our very busy, self-oriented world and society, some will feel that they do GOD a favor by taking a few days, or maybe a week, to participate in a prayer retreat of one sort or another. Others will go on a prayer retreat out of a desperate desire to find GOD, to come close to HIM+.  That's commendable.

However, the direct mandate from our LORD CHRIST is to "deny ourselves, take up the Cross and follow ME" ... DAILY.

HE+ says, " Whoever of you that does not forsake all that he has, cannot be My+ disciple." 

We feel that these are hard words and probably not for us.
If they are not for us,
who are they for?

I think that we all are part of "whosoever".  The problem is that HIS+ words interfer with our materialistic western lifestyle. So, we feel that JESUS must have meant someone else other than us, or maybe HE+ was just mistaken, not understanding that we are under Grace!!  However, HE+ is the ONE+ Who+ placed us under that Grace with HIS+ own Body and Blood! HE+ is not likely mistaken.
Let us all take heed to our own lukewarmness, which in another place, JESUS said, HE+ will vomit out of HIS+ Body. JESUS can not be tricked.

There are those now and those in the past who have accepted HIM+ in every area of their lives and have sought to live the ultimate prayer retreat daily, for whatever amount of time they have been alloted in this very short life. The Cross of Christ is more valuable to them, you see, than any material gain or advantage or possession... than any career... than any retirement security. Yes! JESUS is right after all!! 

What is your life?

It is but a mist that appears for a little while, and then disappears. The only thing you really have is what you give back to HIM+. HE+ will keep it for you unto all eternity. HE+ will give it back to you multiplied a hundred times over!!

         " ..... is not My WORD like a FIRE, says the LORD? And like a HAMMER that breaks the rock in pieces?"   

Brother Brendon Patrick, OGS +

In the Name of the FATHER Who created you,
the SON+ Who saves you,
and the Holy SPIRIT Who sanctifies you.

+ + +

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