Saturday, December 24, 2011

UPON HIS+ SHOULDER............... Tying Together HIS+ Nativity and The TREE+

For unto us a CHILD+ is born,
Unto us a SON+ is given:
and the government
shall be UPON HIS+ SHOULDER...
... Isaiah 9:6, A

In ONE VERSE  in the prophet Isaiah, the INCARNATION of the Eternal SON+ of GOD and what HE+ came to accomplish is set forth TOGETHER... tying together the Nativity and the Cross+ of JESUS CHRIST.
Tertullian (c. 160-240 A.D.) writes about this Nativity Passage... and ties it to The TREE** , i.e., the Cross of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST... **not the "Christmas" Tree.  

Listen to this famous Early Christian's words. Tertullian says: 

Similarly, again, Isaiah says: "For a child is born to us , and to us is given a son." What novelty is that, unless Isaiah is speaking of the "SON" of GOD?...  and one is born to us, the beginning of whose government has been made "on HIS+ shoulder."
What king in the world wears the ensign of his power  on his shoulder, and does not bear either diadem on his head , or else sceptre in his hand, or else some mark of distinctive vesture? 

But the novel "King of ages," CHRIST JESUS, alone reared "on HIS+ shoulder"  HIS+ own novel glory, and power, and sublimity, ... the cross, to wit: that, according to the former prophecy, the LORD thenceforth "might reign from the TREE. (Psalm 96:10)*"

from The Writings of Tertullian, ANF Vol. 3, I. Apologetic: ,  Section 7, "An Answer to the Jews", Chapter 10, p. 166, second printing edition, 1995.

 * This phrase from the tree... was removed from the text, although the Early Church writers quoted it, being familiar with it. See footnote, that same page in Vol. 3, ANF.

Reign from the TREE+
of HIS+ Cross !
And it was prophesied
right along with HIS+ Birth !
Glory to GOD ! 
Glory to GOD
toward men !
+  +  +

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