Friday, December 16, 2011

My Hand, Cemented...

My hand, cemented...
fingers fixed
upon those goals
of my desire.
Grasping hand
ignored YOUR+ call
… and coming Fire.
YOU+ pried them loose
until my willful
strength was through.
of hand and heart…
my sole* remains
… except for YOU+.
Sick I grew,
distressed anew
… no purpose, goal, nor person.
Weak body could not
stand the stress
of no human purpose
to profess.
Bleakly, no-one needing me,
skills vanished like hot air.

. Strength fled, fever raged;
mind, a blank; I did not care.
No work upon my shoulder
… except my solitary prayer.
No goal in life
… except to do
my daily discipline
with YOU+.
Directionless, interest gone
unadorned, life raw and bare.
Bones ached, emotions numbed.
Joy? Not my portion, this I rue.
Only in one place Joy glowed
… in quietness with YOU+.
Thank YOU+, LORD,
for freeing me
From built-in values, clamorings...
For prying loose my concrete grip,
Death-bringing goals
that would strip
my time and thought from YOU+.
My aims and goals
YOU+ withheld
…"AKA" my future woes...
Earth-bound illusions
replaced by YOU+...
  Heaven’s treasure flows
through entwining Fingers,
all Divine+
into this hand of clay,
called “mine.”

*sole = only
"AKA"= Also Known As
or Otherwise known as...
.  .  .  .  .
By Sister Judith Hannah  + + +
~ from my heart to yours...

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