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/ Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA+

The Law Incarnate+

 … Versus …

[ "Now I'm saved; I can sin all I want to." ]

+  +  +

  But the hour cometh,
and now is,
when the true worshippers
shall worship The FATHER
in Spirit and in Truth:

for The FATHER seeketh such
to worship HIM.

GOD is a Spirit:
and they that worship HIM
worship HIM in
Spirit and in Truth.

The Words of Our LORD,
John 4: 23-24

+  +  +

His+ DELIGHT sits upon us
when we agree
in Spirit and in Truth
with The FATHER. 

Here is a Divine Law, the Law of Acceptable Worship of The ELOHIM.

The FATHER seeks those who will worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth, Scripture tells us. 

Human beings cannot make
their worship
"acceptable" to GOD
in any other way.

Unless we come to HIM in Truth and in the Spirit, our worship will simply NOT count.

What  is Truth ?
someone in history
once asked The LORD. 

The Law was given by Moses; grace and truth came by JESUS CHRIST/ Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA+ .  So, we know TRUTH when we know JESUS / Y'SHU+. 

How do we know CHRIST / The M'SHIKHA+ ?

We know CHRIST / The M'SHIKHA+ when we OBEY HIM+.  When we love our neighbor as ourselves. When we turn the other cheek and go the 2nd mile ... following all examples laid down for us by The LAW+ INCARNATE. 

What counts as "obedience" ? 

Obedience hurts. Obedience COSTS us something … when we do it the right way. Obedience goes AGAINST our flesh, our natural man. Obedience involves self-denial.

Obedience counts when we follow Our LORD to the Cross.  We pick up our Cross in order to follow His+ Law of submission, making our flesh "mind" the Law of the SPIRIT instead of the law of Self and self-indulgence.

Worldly people know how to deny their flesh, also. 

Many  souls work many hours a week, denying their flesh in many ways in order to achieve something they want ... usually something in this world. Houses, lands, bank accounts, careers, positions, fame.

All these things require an extraordinary amount of self-denial until they are achieved.

SO …
what is the difference
between denying the flesh
for the world's goods

denying the flesh
 Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA+ ?

The difference is CHRIST / the M'SHIKHA+ Himself+. HE+ intervenes for His+ Followers  in the situation requiring obedience and self-denial. 

As the Followers of JESUS / Y'SHU+ turn the other cheek, return good for evil, deny Self, The LORD is pleased with this kind of obedience. HE+ involves Himself+ in the equation, to the good of the Obedient Followers. 

All things --- yes, ALL THINGS --- work to the good for the one who will obey CHRIST / the M'SHIKHA+.

HE+ will see to it HIMSELF+.

And we know that
all things work together for good
to them that love GOD,
to them who are the called
according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

JESUS / Y’SHU+ takes the sting
out of obedience ! 

However, HE+ does NOT intervene for the disobedient.

They sow to the flesh. They may continue to deny their flesh  in order to achieve their worldly goals, but the consequences will bring death to their souls. 

If they ignore His+ Call to repent and come to HIM+, away from the world, they will die in their sins. They will drown in their worldliness. 

+  +  +

Let us pray:

Dear Heavenly FATHER,

Hallowed be Thy Name, O HOLY FATHER, and the Name of Thy HOLY SON+, The LORD JESUS / Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA+. 

I thank THEE+ for Thy Law, for giving forth the Divine Standard of Right, for teaching me what is wrong, and that Thy Standard does not change. 

And, I thank THEE+ for the Divine Example Who+ went before us. 

So many times I have not wanted to obey Thy Word.  I thought it would bring me more pain and sadness if I obeyed. Correct my thinking, O CHRIST / M'SHIKHA.

Help me to see Thy+ Hand of chastening in the obediences THOU+ hast called me to do. I humble my willful Self, LORD, in order to have Thy+ Presence with me and Thy+ pleasure sit upon me.

I want to worship THEE+ in Spirit and in Truth; Thy Word is Truth. Amen

+  +  +

In the Name of The FATHER,
Who created us;
Who+ saves us;
And The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT
Who sanctifies us.
+  +  +

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