Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Gift to HIM+ !

What shall I give HIM+, 
poor as I am ? 

If I were a shepherd, 
I would bring HIM+ a lamb. 

If I were a sinner, 
I would bring HIM+ my sins;

 HE+ promises to cleanse me
 without, within.

A Babe ? No, a Decision
with Divine Precision

At Time Appointed
By Our FATHER WHO art in Heaven.

HE+ brings us His+ Life;
We bring HIM+ ours.

We lay  down our strife, 
our pride, our mean-ness;

HE+ fills us with peace, 
and loving meekness.

What CAN  I give HIM+ ?
What is my part ?

My empty Self ... ? ?
fill  THEE+ my  heart  !

Adapted from a  poem by C. Rossetti 

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