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His+ GIFT to Us... A ROBE of Righteousness

His+ Gift to Us... 
A Robe of Righteousness

Glory to GOD in the Highest!
And on earth, peace,
goodwill towards men !
Luke 2:14

GOD loveth mankind!  HE gave us HIS SON+ Who+ gave us the GIFT of Life.

THOU+ hast ascended on High,
THOU+ hast led captivity captive:
THOU+ hast received gifts for men;
yea, for the rebellious also,
that the
LORD GOD might dwell among them.
Psalm 68:18

Our LORD JESUS CHRIST/ Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA robed Himself+ in our human flesh ... so that we might be robed in His+ Divine Righteousness.
And to Her
( the Bride of the LAMB+ )
was granted
that she should be arrayed
in fine linen,
clean and white:

for the fine linen is
the righteousness of saints.
Revelation 19:8

Regardless of the date of the Incarnation of CHRIST JESUS /Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA ... HE+ DID COME ... at the fulness of time, at the Time so Appointed by The FATHER.

But  when
the fulness of the time was come,
GOD sent forth His SON+,
made of a woman,
made under the Law,

To Redeem them
that were under the Law,
that we might receive
the adoption of sons.
Galatians 4:4 - 5

The LORD JESUS/ Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA had much WORK to take upon Himself+ when HE+ came. Furthermore, this DIVINE work could only be accomplished by His+ coming in the flesh as the SECOND ADAM+ .

Thus, HE+ came.

But made Himself+ 
of no reputation,
and took upon HIM+ 
the form of a servant,
and was made 
in the likeness of men:

And being found in fashion 
as a man,
HE+ humbled Himself+,
became obedient unto death,
even the death of the Cross.
Philippians 2:7-8

Because that is what HE+ did when HE+ came here, we  can now be robed in white linen, pure and clean ... pure and clean as a newborn babe in all its innocency.

Because HE+ came, we who seriously follow JESUS / Y'SHU+  become un-stained from sin.  We are made New Creatures in CHRIST / the M'SHIKHA+.

JESUS /Y'SHU+ saith unto him,

I+ am
the way,
the truth, and the life:

no man
cometh unto THE FATHER,
but by ME+.

John 14:6

Our FATHER sees the Prodigal from afar, returning to HIM ... through CHRIST JESUS / Y'SHU+ the M'SHIKHA+.

And he arose, and came to his father.

But when he was yet a great way off,
his father saw him,

and had compassion, and ran,
and fell on his neck, and kissed him.

For this my son was dead,
and is alive again;
he was lost,
and is found.

And they began to be merry.
~ from Luke 15

We too are arrayed in the "Best Robe" of the Prodigal , that special Robe handed to us by our Gladsome FATHER. The great MERRIMENT that occurs in Heaven when we repent will over-flow into our own hearts here on earth !

 I+ say unto you,
that likewise joy shall be in Heaven
over one sinner that repenteth,

more than over ninety and nine 
just persons,
which need no repentance.
Luke 15:7

Because The LORD JESUS / Y'SHU+  condescended to be born in the flesh, we can be born from Above, Anew, Again.

HE+ came down,
we can go UP !

Even more, we do NOT have to wait until we die to have companionship with the LORD. That companionship is ours NOW... because HE+ came as EMMANUEL, GOD with us.

I will greatly rejoice in The LORD!
My soul shall be joyful in my GOD;

For HE hath clothed me
with the garments of Salvation.

HE has covered me
with the robe of righteousness,

as a bridegroom decketh himself
with ornaments,
and as a bride adorneth herself
with her jewels.
Isaiah 61:10  

Glory to GOD in the Highest!
And on earth, peace,
goodwill towards men!
Luke 2:14

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