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Practical WISDOM+ ... Passover MEDITATIONS for the Monastic-At-Heart.... Ephesians 1:8

Meditations  for Pascha
(The Passover Season, 2016)
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Meditations for the Monastic-At-Heart

Now is My+ soul troubled;
and what shall I+ say ...
save ME+
from this hour ?
but for this cause
came I+ unto this hour.

Glorify Thy Name.

Then came there a Voice from Heaven, saying,

I have both glorified It,
and will glorify It again.


+  +  +

Meditation Verse 
Ephesians 1:8

Wherein HE hath abounded toward us
in all wisdom and prudence;**

Analysis:  HE, again, is referring to The FATHER WHO has given us the fullness, the riches, of HIS Grace ... through HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST.

** This is  part of one LONG sentence, extending from verse 4 to verse 10. The subject, the one doing all these things for us THROUGH HIS BELOVED SON+  ...  is The FATHER !

Let us look closely at that word prudence.

Vine's calls prudence "practical wisdom." It is a thoughful use of that wisdom and understanding granted unto us. It involves a discretion in applying what we know.

Prudence, in Webster's, is the ability to discipline and govern oneself with the use of reason. 

Thus, this verse is telling us that we have HELP in developing prudence in our daily lives  We have HELP to make decisions that are Right in His+ eyes.  We have HELP by means of this prudence so that we do not stumble into a trap.

So read:
 [The FATHER WHO has given us the fullness, the riches, of HIS Grace  through HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST...] Which HE abounded unto us in all wisdom and practical understanding.
+  +  +


Our Heavenly FATHER made a way for us to walk in the fullness of Grace, no matter what our level of education might be.

This fullness of Grace comes through HIS SON+ JESUS CHRIST.  In JESUS our LORD, we have already received all wisdom and the knowledge of how to apply this Divine Wisdom in our daily lives. This  prudence is readily available for the asking.

Marvelous !  Marvelous provision for our life here on earth ! A marvelous promise to conduct our lives around the pitfalls of life. 

Through JESUS our LORD, we can now avoid the regrets in life that most human beings make... provided, of course,  that we follow CHRIST JESUS with our whole hearts.

If we ignore Our LORD, if we ignore His+ Words, if we ignore the words His+ hand-picked disciples wrote under the inspiration of The HOLY SPIRIT, we will assuredly pierce ourselves through with many arrows of regret.

We will make decisions based on our flesh and our emotions instead of His+ Divine Wisdom and we will reap sorrow for decisions that cannot be changed. 

The consequences will be ours to live with... a broken marriage that never should have been in the first place, an illegitimate child who is in our lap for the rest of our lives, a constant reminder of our sin.

Perhaps there was a suicide which could have been prevented, or a soul with whom we neglected to share the Gospel message... and then he suddenly died.

These regrets would have been avoided if we had walked in Divine Wisdom and applied Wisdom's discipline and governing of our emotions and fleshly man.

These regrets would have been avoided if we would have submitted our Self to His+ Words. 

These regrets would have been avoided if we would have allowed His+ Spirit to rule us instead of our emotions.

This verse in Ephesians 1:8 tells us that GOD has granted us the POWER to walk in Divine, practical Wisdom guiding our life ... through JESUS CHRIST when we follow Him+ seriously.

In other words, Divine Wisdom is totally available to us in all matters. As a matter of FACT, this Divine Wisdom is not only given to us freely, it abounds towards us !

It comes to us in GREAT ABUNDANCE for the asking !  

How do we receive it ?


We humble ourselves when we read our daily Scripture passages and ask: LORD, am I doing this?  LORD JESUS, how do I apply this in my walk with THEE+ ?

If we are SERIOUS about it, The LORD JESUS will show us how to empty our Self of our own values and ways and replace them with His+ values and ways, as stated in Scriptures.

Is Divine Wisdom still elusive?

Then, we must seek His+ Face more deeply.

We ONLY will experience Divine Wisdom, though, if we are good stewards of it. 

Sadly, Divine Wisdom and understanding do us NO GOOD if we refuse to let it govern us... in all things.

Do we WANT
His+ Divine Wisdom
to govern us ?  

+  +  +
Let us pray:

O Gracious and Life-Giving LORD, I thank THEE for providing for me a way to walk without regrets in my life.

I know that Way+ is through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. 

I thank THEE for granting me Divine Wisdom and the ability to apply it in my life.

I have no excuse for my regrets I have reaped following my own flesh and my emotions, trying to make my happiness my own way.

THOU, O Righteous FATHER, have no fault in the matter. My unhappiness is my own fault, for THOU hast promised to heal me of every wound.

It is all mine for not following Thy Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST and letting Him+ govern me, instead of my flesh and emotions ruling my life.  

I confess that I have not been a good steward of the abundance of Wisdom and discernment granted to me in CHRIST JESUS.

I lament some of my choices, my self-made prison of regrets. I repent of taking advantage of Thy "mercy and grace" in order to walk my own way, to do my own will.

O Righteous Redeemer+, I ask for forgiveness and cleansing.

Take not Thy HOLY SPIRIT from me.

I forsake my ways and will wait upon THEE+, now. I will learn to be a good steward of Thy Wisdom.

Do with me as THOU+ choosest, and I will be blest.

In the Name of Thy Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST I offer these my imperfect prayers.  Amen.

 +  +  +

Worthy is the LAMB+.

Worthy is The LAMB+
that was slain.

Worthy is the LAMB+,
from the foundation
of the earth.
Revelation 13:8

+  +  +

be to The FATHER,
and to HIS Beloved SON+
and to
the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

both now and forever,
world without end.

+  +  +

Worthy is the LAMB+.

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