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Law INCARNATE+.... Passover Meditations for the Monastic-At-Heart ... Ephesians 1:9 ... The LAW INCARNATE+

Meditations  for Pascha
(The Passover Season, 2016)
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Meditations for the Monastic-At-Heart

Now is My+ soul troubled;
and what shall I+ say ...
save ME+
from this hour ?
but for this cause
came I+ unto this hour.

Glorify Thy Name.

Then came there a Voice from Heaven, saying,

I have both glorified It,
and will glorify It again.


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Meditation Verse 
Ephesians 1: 9

Having made known unto us the mystery of HIS Will, according to HIS good pleasure which HE hath purposed in HIMSELF:

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Our Heavenly FATHER'S plan brings HIM pleasure. HIS plan is this:  HE ordained  one MEDIATOR+ between GOD and men, the MAN CHRIST JESUS.

No person nor organization is authorized to change that.

Galatians 3:19-27

Wherefore then serveth the Law?
It was added because of
till the SEED+ should come
to Whom+ the promise was made;
and it was ordained
by angels in the hand of a mediator.

Now a mediator is not a
 mediator of one, but GOD is ONE.

Is the Law then
against the promises of GOD?
GOD forbid:

for if there had been a Law given
which could have given LIFE,
verily righteousness
should have been by the Law.

But the Scripture
hath concluded all under sin,
that the promise by
might be given to them that believe.

But before faith came,
we were kept under the Law,
shut up unto the faith
which should afterwards
be revealed.

the Law was our schoolmaster
to bring us unto CHRIST,
that we might be justified
by faith.

But after that faith is come,
we are no longer
under a schoolmaster.

For ye are all the children of GOD
by faith in CHRIST JESUS.

For as many of you
as have been
have put on CHRIST.
+  +  +

the Law INCARNATE+. 

The Law INCARNATE+ fulfilled the Law of GOD, and thus, mediated peace between The HOLY GOD and unrighteous man... for whosoever comes to HIM through JESUS the CHRIST. 

The good and right LAW, the TORAH,  is kept if we are IN our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

HE+ became the MEDIATOR+ between the FATHER of ALL Holiness and  all un-holy mankind who could never, ever "keep" all the Law to perfection... yet, the Law was good and had to be kept.

THIS IS THE MYSTERY, then , made known unto us of HIS Will: JESUS became the Law INCARNATE+ ...for us.

HE+ pleased The FATHER !

Do we ? 

+  +  +
Let us Pray:
Our Dear Heavenly FATHER, in Thy tender mercy to mankind, THOU hast provided us a way to keep TORAH: by obedience to THY Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST unto WHOM+ all judgment has been given.

Our LORD JESUS says that the Words which HE+ has spoken will judge us in the last day.

We have not done all that is required of us.

We have not turned the other cheek very often ... or very well.

O, forgive us ! We bristle and fight for our "rights," inwardly if not outwardly.  We have nothing good to say about anyone who, purposely or inadvertently, tramples our "rights."

Help our failings.  We cannot remember when we went the 2nd mile for persons who displeased us, doing this graciously as though we were doing it for THEE+, LORD CHRIST… so they could see THEE+ .

We are lacking in submission to Thy Word, both to the FIRST Covenant and to the NEW COVENANT. 

We owe men a lot of our earnings ... although THOU has plainly warned us in Thy Word that the borrower is servant to the lender.  THOU also instructed us to "owe man nothing but to love him."

And we have done the opposite!

We have not loved as THOU+ did; we owe a lot of money, too: house notes car notes, loans from institutions, loans from family members, etc.

Forgive us for setting aside Thy Words and going about to achieve our desires our way, instead of waiting on THEE+. 

We see that the LORD's day once a week is to be given over to a time of refreshing with THEE+.  However, we have made it a PLAY DAY, a day to socialize and relax with our friends instead of with THEE+.

Rest with THEE+, O LORD?

No, we are busier than ever with temporal things on The LORD'S day. No quietness there!

We think attending church is our "work" for THEE+; nothing could be farther from the Truth.  We attend church for  ourselves . 

LORD JESUS, THOU+ art the LAW INCARNATE+, but our obedience to THEE+ is lacking.

Help us  to take Thy+ Words seriously.

That way, we will not live like the world. We will avoid the world's values.

Help us to apply Thy+ Words instead of adjust them to suit us.

We are lacking in this submission; help us, O CHRIST, to amend our ways before THOU+ call us to give an account of what we have done with Thy+ Words.

In the merits of THY+ Name, O HOLY CHRIST, I pray these my imperfect prayers. Amen.

 +  +  +
Worthy is the LAMB+.

Worthy is The LAMB+
that was slain.

Worthy is the LAMB+,
from the foundation
of the earth.
Revelation 13:8

+  +  +

be to The FATHER,
and to HIS Beloved SON+
and to
the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT.

both now and forever,
world without end.

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