Monday, December 28, 2015


Luke 2:7

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped HIM+ in swaddling clothes, and laid HIM+ in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

O Inn-Keeper of Bethlehem !

Did you do the Will of GOD? 

Did you do all you could to procure the young, laboring mother a room ? 

Did you not feel any remorse at all, in your decision to avoid inconvenience for you and perhaps some of your clients ?

Undoubtedly, it is hard to face the anger and ire of inconvenient guests who have already paid their money.

After all, one has to consider one's reputation for future business.  Besides, some guests could become a bit unruly when disappointed.

However, If a great king had come along with his entourage, you may suddenly have "found" a room, the nicest one in the establishment. 

You would have roused up the highest-paying guest and, without a twinge of remorse, removed him from the requested room.

Oh, how gold and silver make a difference in daily decisions ! Everybody can understand that, even discomfitted  clients.

Likewise, if a powerful lord with his soldiers had made the request, how quickly you would have found a room... even several ! 

You would have discomfitted even your most loyal customer to avoid the point of the sword. Everybody would understand that, also.

Future reputation ? No problem!

Unfortunately, O Inn-Keeper, you looked upon the outward appearances of your clientele... and made the worst judgment call of your life.

The KING+ of kings was about to be born, but you could not see in the dark, that gross darkness that covered the earth.  You did not know that your time had come to decide for GOD.

The splendor of this Coming KING+ ... and His+ TRUE RICHES... escaped your carnal eye, alas. 

The LORD+ of lords was ready to enter the world outside His+ mother's womb, but you would not have HIM+ in your abode.  You did not see the Divine Heavenly Armies that HE+ commands, did you ?

The Heavenly swords were not unleashed against you, so you had no knowledge of their presence. ( An interesting thought. )

O, Inn-Keeper of Bethlehem !

In your great benefice, did you direct them to a stable, an animal stall ? Perhaps you thought, a birthing woman and her husband did not need anything as good as a place in your inn full of guests that night.

Perhaps birthing a child inside the inn might have created an awkward situation and disturbed your guests who were already grumpy, having to pay more taxes to Caesar.

One must be expedient, you know. After all, you had a business to run and so many clients to satisfy. No more demands were you going to carry that night, especially from these travel-weary, rustic "unknowns."

Thus, O Inn-Keeper, you missed it.

You missed your time. You missed your calling. You missed being a part of the Greatest Birth on Earth. 

You missed welcoming The MESSIAH+.  You missed the KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords Who+ came to your lowly establishment.

You did not ease His+ entrance into this harsh world.  You did nothing to help His+ Servants as they brought HIM+ forth from the womb of His+ tired, young mother.

Furthermore, you did not proclaim His+ Birth because you hid your face from His+ need.  At the hour of His+ need you absented yourself. Your temporal duties absorbed all your effort.

O, poor, poor Inn-Keeper !

There are some things that money cannot buy: rest, peace, a clear conscience, the love of The LORD our GOD. 

You sold your birth-right for a mess of pottage.

Your time had come. It was a one-time event, never to be repeated. There were no second chances.

O, Inn-Keeper...may The LORD have mercy upon your soul... wherever it is… in Eternity right now.

And, may HE+ have mercy upon mine, opening my eyes to see HIM+ when HE+ comes to my own door, in disguise. 

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