Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SWADDLED in Humility ... Incarnation Meditations 2014 ... for the Monastic-At-Heart

Luke 2:7
And she brought forth her Firstborn Son, and wrapped HIM+ in swaddling clothes, and laid HIM+ in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

Swaddling a baby seemed to be a custom in the lands of the Orient. It consisted of enveloping the infant with strips of cloth, wrapping the babe and totally binding him.  The purpose was to limit or restrict movement, to restrain the babe supposedly from hurting himself.

The Royal SON+ of GOD Who+ left His+ Glory, the Glory which HE+ had with The FATHER before the world began, entered the realm of man clothed in this restricted fashion.

From his first hour out of the womb, The LORD JESUS was totally restrained and limited.

The LORD JESUS came to earth ...being found in fashion as a man, HE+ humbled Himself+... to take upon Himself+ the restrictions of a human being. HE+ voluntarily embraced the humility of being as limited as the ones HE+ created, in conjunction with The FATHER'S good Will. 

Can we imagine how demeaning that was? How limited would it be for a Potter to become a clay jar, a vessel of his own creation ?  From Glory with The FATHER, HE+ became a clay vessel to be used by the dirty and befouled hand of man.

Yet, The LORD JESUS came to earth and was appointed to this humility. HE+ agreed with The FATHER'S will BEFORE HE+ left His+ throne in Glory.

HE+ embraced --- before HE+ was born --- His+ swaddling clothes.

Do we ?

Let us Pray:

O LORD JESUS, I call THEE+ "Lord, Lord,"  yet I have rejected the very first step to begin my  intensive walk with THEE+: to embrace the restrictive swaddling clothes, the clothing of Thy+ Choosing.

I shudder to don them daily. I shy away from limitations that restrict my day, my flesh, my thoughts.  I fail to bring them in line with Thy+ Holy Discipline... that discipline which THOU  has chosen for me. 

O HOLY FATHER, THOU Who constrained and limited Thy HOLY SON+ JESUS when HE+ took upon  Himself+ the form of a man,  THOU knowest what is best for me also. 

To bring Glory to Thy Name, I need to heed disciplines of restrictions of my time, my actions, and my thoughts.

I need the discipline of limitations, especially of my  interaction with others, in order to hear Thy+ Voice. I need these disciplines in order to  grow straightly and properly and to be a profitable servant of Thine.

Un-warp me from my crooked ways, O LORD; wrap me securely within Thy+ limitations.

Enfold me within Thy+ Self, THOU+ Who+ hast become my Divine Swaddler+.  I yield my Self unto THEE+.  I am not mine own any longer; I am bought with a price.

Because it is THEE+, O JESUS,  Who+ restricts me, I  embrace the disciplines of  constraints and limitations which THOU+  dost plan for my good.

O HOLY ONE+ of Israel Who+ came as a Babe+ and Who+ was immediately swaddled in humility, grant me Thy+ Grace to be swaddled by THEE+ .

 Let this Divine Humility be according to Thy+ Will and purpose. Let  it become my armor, O GOD. 

In JESUS' name I pray: now unto the KING Eternal, immortal, invisible, the ONLY wise GOD, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen

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