Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Has the World Lost Its MIND ? .... Are the Nations MAD ?

Is  Shariah Law more palatable 
the 10 Commandments and the GOSPEL of CHRIST JESUS ?
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What Unthinkable MADNESS 
Has Overtaken This World 
in which we live ?

It makes NO sense to foment civil war in "other" countries... and then ship 35 million refugees or so from these war-torn areas into cultures as foreign to them as the refugees are to the native citizens.

Yet, this was planned about 4 decades ago BY WORLD LEADERS.

It makes NO sense for Shariah Law to be “welcomed” into nations which have rejected, refused, and mocked the Ten Commandments, nations which have had them for centuries.

Is it reasonable that the Western Civilized woman will accept a burka and cover her head… when she barely covers her body parts in public and stridently defends her “right” to be naked wherever and whenever she wants ?

Yet, that dichotomy of values is being foisted upon Western Civilization. Is anarchy REALLY being courted by the government as a “good” thing ?

It makes NO sense to purposefully cause anarchy amongst the citizenry.

Yet, the conflicts are rampant in every nation receiving the influx of people from these pre-planned refugee crises.   

It makes NO sense to arm both sides of a war ... or to create an armed conflict out of hired mercenaries of young people who are out of control and thirst to shed blood.

Yet, it is being done daily by clever collaborators in the "RainBow House" in the city of baal, District of Controllers.

It makes NO sense to agree to allow Israel’s AGGRESSIVE and diabolical enemy to develop nuclear weapons … and to censure Israel for having the same for protection of its country.
Has the world NO sense of fair play… and are there NO global leaders who are ASHAMED of that un-fair treatment ? Not toward Israel, it seems.
It makes NO sense to spend $500 MILLION a YEAR to remove babies from the safety of their mother's womb, chop them up, harvest AND SELL their little parts... when that much money could have given the babies a safe and caring place to live and grow.

Furthermore,  if each baby had been awarded ONE MILLION DOLLARS since Wade vs Roe ... that would have only amounted to 60 MILLION DOLLARS ... a mere 12 percent of ONE YEAR’S Planned "Parent"hood budget ... and a one-time expense, at that ! 

That would have provided a tremendous savings in public monies and a tremendous savings in these little lives... and a tremendous weight against the Judgement about to fall on this "RainBow" Nation, BABYlon the Great. 

It simply makes NO sense ... not morally nor spiritually nor financially. The "dollar" somehow is not "speaking" nor making itself heard in this case, is it ?

It makes NO sense for the Supreme Court to CHANGE the definition of marriage in this land ... in order to grant to same-gender unions the same income tax "breaks" which are offered to NORMAL, married couples.

It seems this "issue" of UN-Christian unions should have been dealt with by the IRS, not the Supreme Court of this land, which is NOT SUPPOSED to be making "laws" of this land ... nor enforcing them.

How difficult could it be for the form-loving IRS to make yet another bracket for domestic households called "domestic unions" or "domestic partnerships" ?  That would not be GODLY, but at least it would not be termed a "marriage" ... and confused with the entity recognized and sanctioned by Holy Scriptures.

The IRS does this for commercial endeavors at will. The IRS could set up "licensing" or certification for such same-gender unions.  If every thing else under the sun can be regulated by licenses and certificates and fees ... from hunting and fishing through birth and death ... it should be no problem. 

It is simply a matter of forms. But, do not use a Biblical word and concept to describe an UNHOLY and deformed union!

It makes NO sense.

Yes, morality can NOT be legalized... 
and thus, neither should IMMORALITY.

Therefore, if IT MAKES NO SENSE to do these things, then WHY are they being done ... across the globe?

Even WORSE, these senseless things have been agreed upon by the nations which have the HIGHEST levels of education, health, and wealth that the recorded WORLD has EVER SEEN !


A golden cup is BABYlon in the hand of YWHW, making drunk all the earth, of her wine have the nations drunk; therefore the nations are MAD.
Jeremiah 51:7


Scripture does NOT lie.  
Scripture cannot be broken.

Men lie.  
Men break their word.

YWHW of the Divine Heavenly Armies DOES NOT BREAK HIS WORD ... ever.

Scripture is being fulfilled... just like HE+ said it would be.

And there followed another angel, saying, BABYlon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
Revelation 14:8

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great BABYlon came in remembrance before GOD, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of HIS+ wrath.
Revelation 16:19

Weep not, Behold, the LION+ of the TRIBE of JUDAH has prevailed to open the BOOK and to loose the 7 seals thereof.

THOU+ art Worthy to take the BOOK, and to open the seals thereof, for THOU+ wast slain and hast redeemed us to GOD by Thy+ Blood out of every kindred, tongue, people and nation.

And has made us unto our GOD a Kingdom of Priests and we shall reign upon the earth.

Amen! The LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT reigneth ! 

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