Saturday, September 5, 2015


Lectionary Meditations  ~ ~ ~

Ecclesiastes 10:1  ~ 

Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a STINKING SAVOR: so doth A LITTLE FOLLY him that is in reputation for wisdom and honor.

New King James  ~ ~ 

Dead flies putrefy the perfumer's ointment and cause it to give off A FOUL ODOR;  So does A LITTLE FOLLY  to one respected for wisdom and honor. 

+  +  +

Meditation ~  ~  ~

DEPORTMENT, how we conduct ourselves, is IMPORTANT, according to Scriptures. 

Wise King Solomon himself weakened his own witness and weakened Israel by his folly of having so many wives and concubines. 

A little joking and jesting, a clever remark, a witty saying ...  all these mannerisms DETRACT from the serious deportment needed by a serious man or woman of GOD. 

Is our mind ~ and hence, our conversation, our mode of behavior ~  upon Heavenly things?  Or rather, do we carry of primary importance our clever and witty "interaction" with others ? 

Are we bold and insistent with the sales clerks at the stores or in the shops ? Is our voice less than moderate so that others BESIDES the one we are addressing  have to hear our concerns too ?  

And never forget: a somber demeanor is helped by somber dress.  Quiet colors and dark solids carry more weight in witnessing than loud and sassy and fashionable garments. Modest clothing, not form-fitting nor revealing , carries more weight in witnessing, also. 

A covering on the head of women who are dressed in dresses ( or ample skirts or jumpers), long pants and long sleeves for men, go a long way towards somber dressing befitting a visible Christian witness. 

Here is a rule of thumb:  

When in public, if no-one EVER has come up to you when you are by yourself and asked you to pray for his or her concerns or his/her loved ones... then this is likely true: your public demeanor and dress are OUT OF LINE with Scriptures. You are not bearing a visible witness to CHRIST JESUS. 

No-one recognizes you for being a Christian, alas ! Your visible witness as separated unto CHRIST JESUS has vanished, replaced with only a witness for Self... like the rest of the public.

Prayer ~ ~ ~ 

Dear LORD JESUS, O THOU+ Who+ wast known to weep more than laugh as THOU+  didst walk this earth among men, teach us to not mingle a little folly in our conduct.  

Teach us to set aside the "Old Man" ways that we have developed to serve Self. Help us to reflect THY+  Character, not our Self, as we interact in this fallen world. 

May others see THEE+ and not us...  May others be drawn to THEE+ and not us.... May THOU+  be glorified and lifted up, so that all men may be drawn unto THEE+, the giver of Life, the ONLY Name given under Heaven among men whereby we must be saved. 

This we pray in Thy+ Name, O Blessed SAVIOR, Our LORD JESUS CHRIST... in Whom+ we live and move and have our being. Amen. 
+  +  +

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