Sunday, May 3, 2015

#2 Pre-Requisites for ANSWERED PRAYER

1 John 5:14-16

And this is the confidence that we have in HIM+, that, if we ask any thing according to His+ Will, HE+ heareth us:  And if we know that HE+ hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of HIM+.

JESUS is "accessed" by TRUTH.

HE+ is surrounded and indeed, embodied in the Spirit of TRUTH. HE+ is the way, the truth, and the Life; not one person comes to The FATHER, but by HIM+ WHO+ is the way, the TRUTH, and the Life.

When we confess our sins to HIM+, do we tell HIM+ something HE+ does NOT know ? 


JESUS already sees our hearts and knows every word on our tongue before we speak it.

We confess our sins --- admit to the wrongness of our doings --- in order to tell The LORD: we are NOW walking in the Truth about ourselves. HE+ already knows the truth; we are the ones lacking in ENOUGH truth to call our own sin, OUR SIN.

This element of TRUTH in the inner man seems to be at least ONE of the keys to healing, both emotional and physical.

For example, if we know drinking bleach will poison us, do we continue to take small sips of bleach through the day... then ask The LORD to heal our intestinal issues ? 

Of course not. 

Stop drinking bleach first, The LORD tells us ... if we walk in truth. IF WE DO NOT WALK IN TRUTH, however, we will not be able to hear The LORD give us His+ directions.

HE+ oftentimes takes pity on us, knowing we are so tied up in a knot that we are not able to quiet ourselves down enough to hear HIM+. Then HE+ simply moves. HE+ will do that with healing, also... at times. 

But OTHER times, HE+ sends His+ people to us to warn us to stop drinking bleach.

If we are walking in TRUTH in the inner man, then the HOLY SPIRIT will nudge us and say: "Listen to that warning. " 
If we do,  then we are on our way towards our healing, rejoicing in CHRIST... and drinking no more bleach !

If we are NOT walking in TRUTH in the inner man --- if we have replaced TRUTH with pride or any of a hundred other hindrances to the TRUTH in the inner man --- then we will ignore HIS+ word to us, either the Written Word or the spoken word from our brother in CHRIST. 

It will seem "foolish" to our ear because we are natural-minded at that point or area in our life AND ARE NOT WALKING IN TRUTH there.

At this point, we need to EMPTY ourselves of our own ways and values, and humble ourselves before The LORD, saying, "ANYTHING YOU+ tell me to do, LORD, I will do." And mean it.

It may mean forsaking a job, forsaking a relationship, forsaking certain enjoyable activities which are not necessarily sinful, forsaking the medical profession, forsaking white flour and white sugar, or forsaking our own established priorities that keep promoting SELF-indulgence. 

It may mean moving out of a comfortable home nest, where parents are not right with The LORD. It may mean moving out of the country, with all the discomfort that might bring. 

WHATEVER The LORD shows us to do to establish a TRUTHFUL existence in the inner man with JESUS, we must do.

When TRUTH with JESUS becomes established, healings will take place. Maybe not instantaneous always, but the pathway turns for the better.

The LACK of TRUTH in the inner man hinders more prayers sent up by Christians than any other cause. 

For, when we establish a tight bond of TRUTH with JESUS, HE+ guides us into asking according to His+ Will. When that happens, Scripture teaches that THEN whatever we ask ---- according to His+ Will --- we will have.

There are some pre-requisites for healing for us in this church age. 

TRUTH in the inner man is one of them for persons who know The LORD or, know ABOUT HIM+.

JESUS sends miraculous healings oftentimes to people-groups who HAVE NEVER HEARD the GOSPEL and many turn their hearts to HIM+ when they see the healings. 

It seems when that happens, healings come to those who are "little" in their own eyes. They may have a rough demeanor, but underneath it all, they are the "little" people, un-sophisticated ones, on the face of this earth.

But we in the Western Civilized Church are TOO sophisticated, too high-minded, strangely enough to receive many healings. 

TRUTH in the inner man knocks all that sophistication out of the person. TRUTH in the inner man will bond that person to JESUS very tightly; he will not be able to abide a lie operating in or near him any longer.

It is HARD to be humbled by sickness. It is HARD to be humbled by TRUTH. But, no-one who turns a deaf ear to TRUTH in the inner man will be able to be healed, I am fairly certain.

It seems we WANT our physical healings intensely, but JESUS wants us to be WHOLE of heart, unified with HIM+ in EVERY way, doing His+ Will. 

HE+ will go to great lengths to achieve this.

We DO know that in Heaven, all healings will be complete! 

And that is where TOTAL TRUTH in CHRIST JESUS reigns. 

ever reigns on high; 
O come, let us adore HIM + !

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