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Pre-Requisites to ANSWERED PRAYER

AGREEMENT :  To WHAT and To WHOM  Do We Agree ?  
And WHEN ? 

Again   I say   unto you,
that  if   two  of you  
shall agree  on  earth  as touching  any  thing
  that  they shall ask ,
it shall be done  for them  
 * of  My+ FATHER
which  is in Heaven.   

~ ~ ~ The words of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST in Matthew 18:19, KJV

MATTHEW 18:19 is familiar to all serious-minded Christians as well as the well-taught, accepted, and unfortunately , rather GLIB understanding of that verse.  

However, the "accepted" understanding of that verse is based on an over-lay of ARBITRARY PUNCTUATION in the English translations which LIMITS and confines and for all practical purposes ,  HIDES the  intended message which is more easily seen in the Greek. 

Why is it seen in the Greek more easily ?  

It is because the GREEK uses no punctuation in the original manuscripts. The punctuation marks WERE ADDED much later to the English translations. 

Here  is an EXPANDED-with-connotations included from the Greek meanings --- minus the English punctuation ---  TRANSLATION OF MATTHEW 18:19 : 
(NB: Each Greek word is separated by an ellipsis. )

Furthermore, again ... 
solemnly true ... 
I+ declare...
 to you all ... 

if ever, whenever, if even ... 
two, the smallest group possible... 
of you who believe, follow, love and obey ME+ ... 

harmonize, sym-phonize, fit together, correspond with, match, make an agreement with each other ... 

upon earth ( or figuratively: before mankind or the world) ...

concerning , regarding, about, with regard to .... 

all, all manner of , every thing relating to human activity .... 

of activity, of deed, of act, of event, of matter, of affair... 

where if ... 

they should request, might ask ... 

it will occur, it will happen...

for them, to them, in them... 

from, the presence of ... 

of THE FATHER ... 

of ME+, My+ ... 

in the HeavenS. 

+  +  +

A Few Errors 
--- as high-lighted in the verse above ---
hinder the message
spoken by CHRIST JESUS
to the church.
Every word high-lighted in pink in the verse is NOT FOUND in the Greek nor in its connotations. That is: 
  • any SHOULD BE translated as every or all [ pantos = adj, genitive, singular ] 

  • that  is INSERTED; no Greek to support it [ ou ean = if where, ]

  • which has been INSERTED; no Greek to support it  

  • Heavens  is plural, as is often found in Matthew.

The high-lighted word in pale yellow --- as touching --- is okay but a rather poor way of saying CONCERNING, WITH REGARD TO. 

The high-lighted COMMA is not in the Greek, naturally, but unfortunately is used to "guide the reading" of the verse AWAY from the real message to the church from Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.   

The high-lighted *  is the place where the translation OMITTED the Greek word, para = from or from the presence of, when used with a genitive phrase as it is here in this section of that verse.   "OF" is included in the declension of the word "MY+" and the Greek form of "the."

+  +  +
So, what EXACTLY is Our LORD telling us here ?  

HE+ is saying: 

"Furthermore, I seriously declare to you all that if even two of you --- as small a group as two of you who believe, follow, love, and obey ME+  ---  if whenever they in that group  agree, harmonize and fit together on the earth before the world concerning EVERY MATTER .... 

"... wherein if they should request , it will occur or happen for them from the presence of My+ FATHER in the Heavens. " 

The OBVIOUS message is this: 

Agreement is to be a 
--- knit closely together --- 
with others who believe, follow, love, and obey 

and furthermore, this agreement is to be 
Agreement and harmony 

The "group" working in tandem, in thought and harmony of heart, can be as LITTLE AS TWO TOGETHER.
JESUS said so !

Prayer partners, husbands-and-wives, monastic brothers, and monastic sisters, even monastic-in-heart brothers, or monastic-in-heart sisters.... any size group who LIVE IN HARMONY OF SPIRIT, OF HEART , OF VALUES, IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD to serve The LORD JESUS CHRIST qualifies !

That is when the promise of verse Matthew 18:19 becomes effective.  It is NOT simply those who agree in a prayer about an issue.  

The strength of that verse occurs when TWO OR MORE are living in harmony, together, sharing the Kingdom's values and work. 
The strength of that verse occurs when there is NO DISCORD in direction, purpose, values, and philosophy.
The strength of that verse occurs when UNITY and CONCORD prevail... and that means, in practice, that both or all group members are 
  • denying self
  • putting flesh to death
  • working in unison of spirit and goal
  • promoting the common good for JESUS' sake.  

Dear Heavenly FATHER, 

I confess I superficially and expediently agree in prayer only to achieve what I deem as "good"  for that request. I do not even think about living in harmony with the ones I'm praying with, beyond our common concern.

I confess I do not work in unity and sweet concord with the brothers and sisters you have placed in my life.

I confess I often strive for my own will to be done when working with others for your Kingdom. 

Forgive me for my undercurrent of disagreement. 

Teach me to humble my own thoughts and plans and instead, learn be supportive and submissive. 

Guide me in performing this selfless unity,  that Thy Will may truly be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

Through the power and strength of Thy HOLY SPIRIT, I pray this in the Name of Our SAVIOR The LORD JESUS CHRIST, Who+ was ever in Unity and Concord with THEE, O FATHER. 




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