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FOR MANKIND: Only TWO --- simply 2 --- KINGDOMS !



  There are two kingdoms dwelling side by side on the face of the earth. These two kingdoms occupy the same land space, eat the same food, breathe the same air, and walk and talk in similar fashion.
Other than these characteristics, these two kingdoms are TOTALLY  different, and in most cases, one of these kingdoms is COMPLETELY ALIEN to this world. In Spirit, ONE of these two Kingdoms has a totally Different kind of BLOOD+ flowing in the veins of its people.
  The Kingdom of The MESSIAH lives in the fallen world but is NOT controlled by it. Neither does it share the worldly kingdom’s values or principles. It “marches to a different drummer,” so to speak. Its values and goals are completely different than the kingdom of the world.
 Its Captain+, its Commander+ and Chief+,  is seated at The Right Hand of The Eternal GOD HIS+FATHER.  From HIM+ this Kingdom receives its marching orders, and from The Eternal RUACH ha Kodosh, The HOLY SPIRIT of YHWH, this Kingdom receivesStrength to Live and to follow the LORD+ MESSIAH.
   This Kingdom of the MESSIAH+ is aware that the world’s kingdom is in its “death throes” and thus, it is commanded to warn everyone to come into a place of repentance and truth and to flee from the Wrath to come.
 For this reason, people in the Kingdom of the MESSIAH+ spend much time in prayer for their neighbor in the world’s kingdom, for they are commanded to love their neighbor as much as they love themselves. To be in HIS+ Presence is the joy and delight of the children of the Kingdom of Light.
 In complete agreement with their Heavenly Father, those in MESSIAH’S+ Kingdom  do NOT wish to see ANY perish, but that all might come to Repentance, Salvation, and the New Birth, and filled with The Uncreated Light.

These peculiar people who populate MESSIAH’S+ Kingdom realize that to dedicate oneself  to the acquiring of many material possessions and building a personal fiefdom on this earth is FUTILE …  and a USELESS expenditure of one’s life. 

They have set their affection on things above, not on things of the earth, for they have died and their lives are hidden with CHRIST in GOD their FATHER.
 ( Colossians 3:3 )

They affirm that  “… We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing out of it.” ( 1 Timothy 6:7 ).

  A very humble man named Francis once said, ” When you die, you can take nothing with you that you have received …  ONLY what you have GIVEN!”

 This is TRUE.

Therefore, the people of the Kingdom of Light spend their time and energy placing all Treasure in Heavenly Realms in the Protective keeping of their Heavenly FATHER. They also obey their Commander+ and take care of those who cannot care for themselves. 
They realize, having been taught by their Eternal Master+, that only ONE thing is necessary … and that Mary of Bethany long ago had chosen that ONEGOOD THING which shall not be taken away from her. They of this Kingdom choose that ONE+ Good Thing also. This is done out of a now-purified Heart of Love for their King+ and Bridegroom+.
The men and women of this Eternal Kingdom also treat each other differently than those who live in the world’s kingdom. They know that they are  sharers together in the Eternal Light and Life  that came from The Eternal FATHER and became Flesh for their sake, to guide them into The Eternal Kingdom. 
The men and women in this Kingdom treat each other with respect and honor, and they grant to each other the dignity due to a Created Being made — originally —  in The Image of GOD.  
They know that they must work together to continue on the earth. It is not like this in the other kingdom, as a quick glance across the world’s societies will sadly show.
 Man and Woman together are a type of CHRIST and HIS+ Bride, a Truth the worldly kingdom cannot understand. Male and female HE+ made them, to complement and comfort each other, NOT to use and abuse each other. 
Those who belong to the Kingdom of Light realize that they are in the world … but are NOT of the world.   They know that there is nowhere to hide, but that they must walk the path their MASTER+ has walked before them and marked out for them with HIS+ Own most Blessed feet ….. Therefore, they do not entangle themselves with the affairs of this life, so that they might please the ONE+ Who+ has rescued them from death and darkness.  ( 2 Timothy 2:4 )  

They accept that they were baptized into HIS+ Death, (Romans 6:3 ) that they have died with HIM+ and are risen with HIM+ to walk in newness of Life.

So they embrace the Disciple’s Cross and count it a privilege to lay down their lives for their LORD+ as HE+, in a much GREATER way….

…laid down HIS+ Life for them.

      They know that at some point the world will hate them, as they also hate  The SON+ of GOD, their LORD+. They prepare themselves for this by spending much time in the Presence  of their LORD+, being immersed into The HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE.  This is the Breath and Strength of the Eternal Kingdom.

 They do expect this since their Captain+ has warned them of this event.

  However, since their treasures have been placed in the keeping of their Heavenly FATHER, their hearts are ALREADY THERE, as their LORD+ said they would be …  and they are glad to depart this sad realm and be in even closer proximity to their Beloved Bridegroom+ in Whom they delight.

   To which of these kingdoms do you belong ?

 We are only sojourners here,

… strangers passing through. We are a Bride lovingly looking forward to seeing The BRIDEGROOM+ Face to Face, looking forward to an indescribable Marriage Supper and an Eternity of JOY in HIS+ Presence. 

     I+ GO,

JESUS told us, 







( John 14: 2-3 )

This is our hope, to be with HIM+ whereHE+ is, that we may behold HIS+ Glory.

The Glory which HE+ had with HIS+FATHER….


John 17:5 , 17:24

JESUS+ says,

" Come Beloved of MY+ FATHER and inherit the Kingdom  prepared for you 

before the foundation of the world."

+ + +

This post is by Bro. Brendon  + + + 
Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+

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