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#3 Pre-requisites for ANSWERED PRAYER ... TAKING HEED !

2 Peter 1:10

Wherefore the rather, brethren,
give diligence to make 
your calling and election 
for if ye do these things, 
ye shall never fall:

Take HEED:  If our calling and election WAS NOT ABLE to be IN JEOPARDY, then the Apostle Peter would not have told us to be diligent about MAKING IT SURE AND CERTAIN, would he ?

Yes, without a doubt, there is a danger to the spiritual sluggard and a serious warning to such a one here in this verse. 

The Disciplined Life of a CHRISTIAN .... is not optional.  Listen to what this well-disciplined ORDER of Christian sisters writes: 

Used with permission from:
Author - Basilea Schlink,
Publisher - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

 You must be self-controlled and alert, 
to be able to pray.

 1 Peter 4:7 GNB  January 29, 2014

“If you want your prayers to reach the throne of God and be answered, make sure you fulfill the conditions. 

1      Lead a life of self-control. 

2      Be disciplined in your words and actions, in eating, drinking and sleeping, and enjoyment of physical pleasure. 

3      By continually placing every area of your life under the dominion of Jesus Christ, you remove the obstacles to answered prayer and will experience the help and grace of God.”

Used with permission from :
Author - Basilea Schlink,
Publisher - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


What constitutes a "discipled" life ?  If our churches do not issue a call to discipleship, then we must establish a Spiritual discipline ourselves.

·      Yes, daily Scripture reading
·      Yes, daily worship... prayer, praise, thanksgiving
·      Yes, a devotional TIME set aside solely for that purpose 
·        Yes, a time for QUIETUDE... sitting still to hear His+ Voice.... spending quality, priority time with JESUS our LORD.

And like it or not, some PRAYERFUL, CHRISTIAN restrictions placed upon our own flesh in the area of
·                    food and drink
·                    dress,
·                    entertainment
·                    music
·                    and in the company we keep.

Why discipline ourselves in these areas ?

[ NO.  Discipleship is NOT "legalism."  JESUS HIMSELF+ told us we MUST be HIS+ disciples.]

The first reason is to control the flesh. 

We must teach it to submit to our New-man following the Will of CHRIST JESUS, not to continue doing the same things our old man, our Adamic Nature, has trained us to do.

[ Most of us have not been blessed with parents who submitted their SELF to The LORD and / or who taught us that we must submit our SELF unto the LORD in order to be well-pleasing unto HIM+.]

Our Flesh is supposed to be dead with CHRIST after Baptism.

Alas, the flesh has a habit of reviving itself time and time again, though. By making ourselves submit in any little way, we will be mortifying the deeds of the flesh... in a little way.

  Being faithful in little will indeed enable us to be faithful in more,  strengthened to mortify the deeds of the flesh ... in the greater battles we have in our own inner man against the Old Man values and habits we have acquired. 

That submission to discipline enables us to fight the GOOD FIGHT of FAITH in the Un-ending Battle Against SELF.

If we want prayers to be answered, then we MUST engage this most-unpopular-of-all fight of faith:  putting SELF to death.

Our LORD JESUS sacrificed His+ Life to empower us to fight our Adamic nature and put SELF to death. 

BUT... it is our battle, our decision.

HE+ will not do it for us. 

Yes indeed, HE+ will help us and has helped us; we CAN win in this battle to die DAILY to our flesh.  HE+ will send His+ Blessed HOLY SPIRIT to help us. 

BUT... HE+ will not do that  part for us which HE+ knows is our own prerogative to do ourselves: that is, turn our will over to HIM+.  

HE+ cannot yield for us.

HE+ cannot MAKE us 
choose TRUTH in the inner man. 

Only we OURSELVES can YIELD over the controls to HIM+. Only we ourselves can choose to follow in the inner man The TRUTH Our LORD shows us. JESUS is The Way, The Truth, and The LIFE. 

Do we want our prayers answered?  

Then we must yield all control over our SELF-WILL unto CHRIST JESUS.  

Then it will come to pass what is written in Psalm 89: 7

 GOD is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about HIM.

Behold, THOU has made the Heaven and the earth 
by Thy great power and stretched-out arm 
and there is NOTHING too hard for THEE ! 
Jeremiah 32:17

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