Sunday, May 30, 2010

FEARING The LORD... With All Due Respect . . .

But I will forewarn you
Whom ye shall fear:
Fear HIM,
which after HE hath killed
hath power to cast into hell;
yea, I say unto you,
Fear HIM.

The Word of The LORD JESUS CHRIST to His+ Disciples,
Recorded in Luke 12:5
Bless GOD, we attend a Christian assembly which does not hallow war among men. The members of this assembly LIVE differently.
Any visitor can quietly discern that because there is no national icon waving behind this pulpit, neither do they make a distinction in prayer about which nationality of soldiers to pray for: they pray that ALL may be saved and ALL the swords of every nation will be beaten into plowshares and pruning hooks.
They know that ALL men are dead men... unless they know The LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Furthermore, political statements are NEVER heard from this pulpit because they know something: they know that Christians are living in The Kingdom of GOD and thus, serve another KING, an Infallible ONE+ Who+ doesn't need votes or guns or lies to stay in power.
Thus, on this day set up to honor the slain of an earthly warring kingdom and to crow about its military prowess, let us keep in mind The ONE Whom we should truly fear for HIS might and power.
...For, HE+ cometh...
for HE+ cometh
to judge* the earth;
HE+ shall judge* the world
with righteousness,
and the people with HIS Truth.
Psalm 96:13
*This verb "to judge" means
to pronounce an unescapable sentence of execution
upon someone... or some "thing."
+ + +

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