Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Royal Invitation...

~ ~ ~ R.S.V.P. ~ ~ ~
The LORD GOD HEAVENLY FATHER offered an invitation .... one fraught with good will and lovingkindness... at the Incarnation+. HE sent forth HIS SON+ to be born of a humble and lowly Hebrew girl, a virgin of Israel from the hill county, to make solid that Royal Invitation.
But The LORD gives a warning for Christendom : Do not offer amnesty without repentance. We Christians tend to do that at Christmastime, especially. However, that Royal Invitation does NOT preclude nor eliminate the absolute necessity of repentance... before peace flows from the Heavenly Throne of The LORD towards a man.
If you offer amnesty without repentance,
My+ Blessing will not be upon it
and all is in vain;
I+ will not look upon
such a one with favor.
It will be with him
as the banquet-crasher
who deigned to come to ME+
at that Great Wedding Feast
improperly clad in his current
filthy clothing and sins.
Remember: that one had ample
opportunity to receive
an appointed and anointed
wedding garment;
My+ supply is limitless.
Do not substitute fiction for fact,
for you will be accountable.
I+ offer an Invitation
of the Best Goodwill
ever for mankind.
I+ do NOT offer pardon
without repentance.
My+ Blood is sufficient
to cover every sin.
If you do not respond
to the Invitation,
the Wedding Feast will still go on...
without you.
But remember:
when the door is shut,
it is shut
and no man can open it.
+ + +
In the name of The FATHER,
Who created thee;
His Beloved SON+,
Who+ delivers thee;
and His Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
Who sanctifies thee.

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