Monday, December 28, 2009

In Honor of Aunt Marie...

We love you, Aunt Marie!

This woman, my dear Aunt, entered into Glory with The LORD

on the 17th of December... just like she lived her life: quietly and uprightly.

As soon as I heard about her death,

The LORD graciously spoke to my heart:

"She is a member in good standing

in the Body of CHRIST."



Such a wonderful commendation from The LIVING LORD! Such a life needs to be examined thoughtfully by anyone who wants to receive the same commendation.


She was not a missionary. She spent her life tending to her family. Sometimes she helped out the slender family budget by doing cleaning and other odd jobs around her small town. So, what did Aunt Marie DO DIFFERENTLY from any regular church-attender?



From my own observations, this is what I saw for nearly 60 years of my life: She picked up her cross...the one appointed to her by The LORD. She learned how to die daily to Self. She was self-effacing when others were demanding... or mocking. She returned good for evil. She did not engage in gossip. She kept herself free from judgment amongst the many family bickerings. She issued kindness to all. She kept her heart free from bitterness when she got hurt.


The family priest commended her for her serious walk throughout the years. And, in times of plenty or poverty, she quietly remained true to HIM+. She trained her children in the way they should go. She remained true to her husband when he was an invalid for a very long time, a couple of years with hepatitis... and there was no income to sustain her or the children. She didn't have to remain faithful, naturally speaking, because she was a beautiful blond of Hungarian ancestry , with beautiful skin to match and a lovely figure. She always had a delicate way about her. But she remained faithful to her husband, to her children, to her vows, AND TO HER LORD.


I remember Aunt Marie cooking over a cook-stove in the middle of winter. Life was NOT EASY for this dear woman. She always was patiently caring for her little flock of children plus her sick husband, and doing it all with good cheer and a peaceful demeanor. No nervous breakdown for this Woman of GOD. She didn't need it; she had her LORD to support her.


We salute you, Aunt Marie, as you leave the Church Militant and enter into the Church VICTORIOUS... in victory over temptation, sin, and heartache. May you rest in the JOY of The LORD now, and for all Eternity.


Let us join in prayer together:

Dear Heavenly FATHER,

We come before THEE in the Name of Thy Beloved SON+ JESUS to thank you for this woman's life, her wonderful example that THOU hath set before us. Grant us the desire to please THEE so earnestly that we too may turn the other cheek, go the second mile, and return good for evil as this dear Daughter of Thine+ did throughout her lifetime.

Help us to become meek and quiet of spirit, self-effacing in the face of the demands of others, following Thy HOLY SON+ JESUS Who+ set before us all the Ultimate Example of Holiness and Purity of heart.

LORD, help us to embrace the kind of quiet humilty that only THOU+ seest and the uprightness which pleaseth THEE+ beyond all other sacrifices. Amen.

<(((>< <(((>< <(((><

In the name of The FATHER,

Who created thee;

His Beloved SON+,


Who+ saves thee;

And the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,

Who anoints thee.

+ + +

You've been a good example, Aunt Marie! I hope you enjoy the Paradise of GOD in HEAVEN now, seeing as you always loved gardens here below.
Your flowers were gorgeous here below... I can't even imagine how much more glorious they are in the Paradise of GOD in HEAVEN!

...Until we meet again

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