Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Advent Meditation Day 9

Year of Our LORD


The Journey Towards Bethlehem
HE+ that planted the ear,
shall HE+ not hear?
HE+ that formed the eye,
shall HE+ not see?
Psalm 94:9
O LORD, I come before THEE knowing mine ear has not been single of hearing; I love the praise of men. I come before THEE knowing mine eye has not been single; I have cast it on things far unworthy of THEE.
Help me, O LORD, to turn away from the stubbornness of mine own heart and the secret sins of my soul. Bless me in this journey towards Bethlehem, towards THEE, O LORD.
Bring Thy Holy conviction that I may not stumble and sin against THEE... and may not ignore the convicton of Thy Blessed HOLY SPIRIT when I do sin. Turn me , again, LORD, restore me, and I shall be saved.
In the Name of the FATHER,
the SON+,
and the HOLY SPIRIT.
+ + +

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