Friday, December 5, 2008


Advent Day 5
The Journey Towards Bethlehem
Year of Our LORD, 12.5.2008

And they tempted GOD in their heart
by asking meat for their lust.
Psalm 78:18

And HE+ gave them their request;
but sent leanness into their soul.
Psalm 106:15

How do we pray? How often do we pray for the things we desire but not need… for food for the lust-of-the-eye, lust-of-the-flesh and / or the pride of life? How many times do we beseech The LORD to provide for our carnal appetites, our temporal comforts… far beyond necessity?

Doesn’t an old faded towel work as well as a new, brightly-colored one to do the job intended? Is the towel’s primary function to adorn or to dry our wet bodies? Must we really have the top-of-the-line items for the house, the vehicle, the shop, the bookshelf, the music room… and even the ministry? Do we truly need to cover our bodies with whatever are the “in-clothes” and have our feet shod with the same?

If we have an eye towards these things, the spirit of covetousness is at work. The advertising world is good at making us covet. We may indeed clamor for these things and see nothing wrong with it, but do we want the spiritual price-tag… LEANNESS UNTO OUR SOULS ??

Let Us Pray:

Most Loving Heavenly FATHER, I thank Thee for providing for me from the beginning of my life unto this very day. Help me to turn away from craving dead meat. Lift mine eyes towards Heaven that I might request Eternal gifts through Thy Life-Giving SON+… Who+ came into the world to give Light unto people who walked in the darkness of temporal desires. Help me to set my affection on things above, where Your Beloved SON+ is seated at Your Right Hand. In the name of Thy Life-Giving SON+ JESUS CHRIST I pray.

AMEN + + +

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