Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent Meditation ~~ Day 20

Advent Meditation
Day 20

Year of Our LORD,


I cried unto THEE+, O LORD:

I said, THOU+ art my refuge and my portion

in the land of the living.

Psalm 142:5

We will know peace when we get to that state where HE+... and HE+ alone ... is our refuge. We ought to bless GOD for our troubles. We never know HIM+ as our refuge without those troubles. Why ? For this reason: our comforts become our illusionary refuge.

We will know peace when we get to that state where HE+ ... and HE+ alone... becomes our Portion, the only portion that we want. When our desires are fixed on HIM+... knowing HIM+, spending time with HIM+, yearning for HIM+... we will know that peace which the world cannot give. Why ? For this reason: the world CANNOT GIVE US HIM+.

Blessed SAVIOR, LORD JESUS CHRIST, help me to thank You for adversaries in this world, for bad situations, and for all the presses of life. I DO THANK You for them because I turn to You more deeply and more seriously at those times. You have become my Portion; may You become my Cup, also.

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