Saturday, April 15, 2017

HE+ LIVES! Resurrection of Jesus Christ, The HOPE of The Human Race

Jesus is ALIVE ! 

Life will never be the same.


Life is not about making money, buying endless things, being popular and well thought-of.


Life is about an ETERNITY with The ONE+

Who created you and all that exists.


HE+ came to us from another realm, another dimension, the heavenly-celestial dimension.


HE+ came to HIS+ own but they would not receive HIM+.  Many who say they are HIS+ still do not receive HIM+.

But HE+ is ALIVE! 


The Disciples saw HIM+ die a hard and painful death, complete with reviling and mocking. They heard HIS+ Words from the Cross. They watched the Roman soldier shove a razor sharp Roman lance into HIS+ heart to make certain HE+ was dead.


Joseph and Nicodemus lovingly removed HIS+ battered body from the Cross, wrapped it,  and placed it in Joseph’s tomb.


The religious leaders besought Pilate for a Roman guard detail to be placed to guard the tomb. Pilate gave them a watch, a squad of soldiers numbering 4 soldiers, which was changed every 4 hours, a total of 16.   The  penalty in the Roman army for allowing your “Prisoner” to escape was death.

When JESUS came out of the Tomb these hardened Roman soldiers passed out and became as dead men. Angels rolled the stone away. Their appearance was like lightning.

The SON+ of GOD is Alive and at The Right Hand of The Eternal GOD HIS+ Father, and will soon come again as HE+ promised. A Day of rejoicing for HIS+ Children, a day of terror for HIS+ enemies.



HE+ is Alive. 

Nothing will ever be the same again.



HE+ IS RISEN INDEED!  Hallelujah!!  


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