Friday, April 14, 2017

They Have Stripped ME+ of My+ Garments

This is a  3-minute chant from the English Orthodox Byzantine Church, traditionally done on Holy Thursday before the Crucifixion of CHRIST JESUS. 

( It has a surprise ending; be sure to listen to the last stanza. ) 

While we can only count "3 nights and 3 days"  from a Wednesday Crucifixion, with two Sabbaths in that Passover week,  we join with other Christians in the Commemoration of The LORD'S Crucifixion on the western Christian world's "Good Friday" ... since the commemoration itself is not a matter of Salvation. 

  They Have Stripped ME+ 

of My+ Garments 

English Orthodox Byzantine Chant

Chanted by Vassilis Hadjinicolaou.


  They Have Stripped ME+ 

of My+ Garments  ... 

for the LAST TIME ! 

+   +   + 


Come, LORD JESUS !  


* We have portrayed in this video Christian ART; we do not worship images nor icons. / Sr. Judith Hannah  + + +


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