Saturday, November 12, 2016

Loving A LIE ?

Whosoever LOVETH and MAKETH a LIE..

 … will not enter into the New Jerusalem.


That Holy City, coming down from GOD out of Heaven is that Continuing City, whose Builder and Maker is GOD. This Holy Jerusalem is the crowning jewel of the New Heaven and the New Earth.



And there shall in NO wise

enter into it any thing that defileth,


whatsoever worketh abomination,


maketh a lie:

but they which are written

in the LAMB’S+  BOOK of LIFE.

Revelation 21:27



Lies are behind all idolatry, the work of the satan, to deceive the spirit of man.


The lying idols will make people believe things that will take them to their utter destruction. This is NOT a lie !  


It is a lying spirit that tells a drunk to imbibe MORE ALCOHOL ( i.e., “spirit water” ).  “It will make you feel good. It will lift your spirits,” the lying spirit tells that person… as the alcohol destroys the mind, the pocketbook, the family unit, his liver, his soul,  and eventually his life.


The drug-addict believes the same lie.  So does the materialist and money-grabber, whether rich or poor. The LIE functions the same regardless of the financial status of that individual. 


The LIE, it proclaims of itself,



The trouble is, that is the ORIGINAL LIE.  It is exactly what will lead you into GREAT UNHAPPINESS.


Lies infiltrate everything connected to human life, from promiscuity to abortion, to clothing styles and entertainment, from pursuits of careers to pursuits of life-styles and pursuits of philosophies.

LIES infiltrate the CORE of our value system, alas.


LIES , unfortunately, are ingrained in us because Adam and Eve bought the LIE and passed it on to us in our Adamic Nature. That LIE was: GOD does not make us happy; the WORLD does !


Thus, we Christians STRUGGLE to untangle ourselves from the world wide web of LIES we have been born into, imbibed ourselves, and taught to love. If we do not see the error of our ways, we soon teach others to “love the LIE,”  also. 


as some folks say ?






truthfully told us.


DEEP, SEARING PAIN, however, overwhelms us when we first see the LIE which has led us down the wrong path so long.  The WITHDRAWAL from a  lying value and belief system is as painful as withdrawal from any abused substance.


So, the TRUTH of the matter is that  the LIE ALWAYS HURTS; the TRUTH sets us free.


“What is TRUTH?” a very expedient Pilate asked, who lived to regret his expediency.  

 JESUS said,

 ” I+ AM The Way,


and The Life;


no man comes to The FATHER,

except through ME.+ “

John 14:6


“Come OUT of her, MY+ People;

and touch not the unclean thing.”


That “unclean thing” is all LIES, all false values, all identities we adhere ourselves unto … other than JESUS CHRIST our LORD. HE+ is THE … THE… THE  … TRUTH.  There is no TRUTH outside of CHRIST JESUS.


We are strangers and pilgrims on this earth, whose citizenship is in Heaven, not on earth. 


On earth , we do not travel through another country and try to re-form its government as we pass through it. We simply tell its citizens the “Good News” about JESUS as we journey on our way.  We are not STAYING there; we are heading to another place where we are the RIGHTFUL Citizens of the land, our Heavenly Home.


Let us not entangle ourselves with the affairs of this life, Christians. Let us not think we can glibly slip into the marriage supper of the LAMB+. We may find out we do not have the PROPER WEDDING GARMENT.


Indeed, if we have already had affairs with this world and are impure with divided loyalties, we will not find a wedding garment set aside for us.  


The LORD will have NO DIVIDED LOYALTIES in His+ Bride; HE+ is looking for a pure BRIDE, worthy of wearing the white linen of the Saints.


BEWARE. Beware of the LIES. They are designed to steal your berth in the Holy , New Jerusalem.


For without are dogs,

and sorcerers,

and whoremongers,

and murderers,

and idolaters,


and whosoever loveth

and maketh a lie.

Revelation 22:15


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