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BEHOLD, the LAMB+ ... # 7 ... .... Preparing the CHURCH for SUFFERING

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My+ GOD, My+ GOD, 
Why hast THOU forsaken ME+ ? 

Why art THOU so far
from helping me,
and from the words
of my groaning ? 

Three times I had this dream, three times in one long night. Big dormitories, with beds on cement foundations, had glaring lights beating down upon the sleeping inmates. Linoleum floors and unmovable beds with shallow mattresses and dark coverlets ... and unmerciful lady sergeants with shrill commands screamed their orders during  midnight inspection. 

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In sickness I awoke, grieving and hurting for the Church: How to prepare the church to suffer ?

How do I help prepare this church age of impotent activities that ALL is NOT WELL, in the eyes of HIM+ with Whom+ we have to do? 

How do I shake the Church loose from the distracting illusion that THIS society ... indeed, this civilization...  will continue on, as ever before ?

How do I convince the Church that men and women will eat, drink, marry, and be given in marriage as ever before... until The LORD rises up and says, 


and that THAT "enough" is right at the door ?

How do I convince the Church to prepare for suffering ? 

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To prepare for suffering, we look at Our Master+ Who+ suffered for us. What did HE+ do? What did HE+ NOT do

HE+ did NOT concern Himself+ with the affairs of this life: clothing Himself+ in the latest styles, eating fancy, well-prepared food, or involving Himself+ with any activities but those works of His+ Heavenly FATHER.

HE+ DID concern Himself+ with going to mountains and gardens alone to pray. 

HE+ spent much time alone with His+ Heavenly FATHER, when HE+ was much spent during ministry or after attacks by the enemies of GOD. 

HE+ did not have a continual diet of "interaction" with His+ fellow man. Instead, HE+ treasured interaction with His+ Heavenly FATHER, especially as His+ hour of sacrifice drew near. 

Being The Word+ HE+ knew The Word, in Spirit and in Truth, and prayed  The Word often. 

  +  +  +
Do not think to escape the hour of testing I+ have ordained for the Church: you WILL be tested. 

Now is the time to determine to STAND for ME+ as I+ have been tested for you. Now is the time of the preparation. 

You will not be able to hold on to your houses and lands nor those you love. But prepare ALL to stand for ME+ even in the face of suffering. 

QUIET DOWN; remove yourself from fruitless activities and frivolous interaction. LEARN to interact with ME+ first and above all. 

TEACH your children to trust ME+ with all of their hearts. TEACH your children to pray and to plant the Word into their hearts; they will need it to endure. TEACH them along with yourself to be still and seek MY+ FACE. 

Take on the sole identity of "Christian"  and live by The BOOK+. 

I+ will sustain you, even in a prison camp, away from loved ones. Prepare ALL for Heaven. I+ am coming soon . 

Let not your hearts be troubled; 
neither let them be afraid.

Trust ME+; 
I+ will wipe away all tears.

+  +  +    

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