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Behold, The LAMB+ .... #3

Preparation for the Passover Season

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During "Guided Meditation" times, RESPONSES appropriate for the Passover Preparation Season, ( known as Lent ), are said in between the Psalms, Scriptures, and spiritual songs.  These are mini-phrases of worship.

It is customary during the Passover Preparation Season to omit the words "glory" or "HalleluJAH" in the praises. They are added back into the Christian praises on Resurrection Day. 

Here are a few responses appropriate for the season to add to your "Guided Meditation" booklet. It is good to memorize these responses and use them after Psalms, Scripture readings, or after rising from prayers or other items of worship.

Our GOD reigneth from the Tree*, 
O Come, let us adore HIM+ ! 

And the Government shall be 
upon His+ Shoulders, 
O Come, let us adore HIM+ ! 

Worthy is the LAMB+!
 Worthy is the LAMB+ 
that was slain!
O Come, let us adore HIM+ !

( or the longer version: )
 Worthy is the LAMB+!
 Worthy is the LAMB+ 
that was slain!

  Worthy is the LAMB+ 
that was slain 
to receive power 
and riches 
and wisdom 
and strength 
and honor 
and glory 
and blessing !

The Gloria is not used during this Passover or Lenten season. In its place, one can start the "Guided Meditation" with this opening, before the guided meditation begins:

Blessed be GOD: 

and Blessed be HIS Kingdom, 
for ever and ever. 
+ + + 

 * ... "reigneth from the Tree" was in the original verse of Psalm 96:10, according to the early Christian writer, Justin Martyr, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. 1, chapter 73, "Dialogue With Trypho."  

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