Monday, January 14, 2013

The Season of the EPIPHANY.... Myrrh

Photo of teardrop of resin of myrrh

The Gift of Myrrh.... that bitter herb   ...  amber teardrops of resin from gashes in the bark of that rough shrub, which grows in stony, unforgiving ground.

This gift of Divine Sorrow and Suffering was given to Our LORD JESUS as HE+ lay in the manger, for there was no room for HIM+ in the inn.



Dear LORD JESUS, O THOU+ Who+ wast sent to earth to suffer for mankind, receive the suffering of our hearts.

O LORD, we know our suffering has been caused by humans... others and our own selves... humans who have not followed THEE+.

O MASTER of All-Suffering, hear our cry.

Heal my heart of the wounds lodged in my soul. Heal those who have been wounded by me, when I walked in darkness and ignorance of THEE+.

I thank THEE+ for the suffering of Thy+ heart and Thy+ body that THOU+ hast carried for me... before I even knew THEE+.

May I never forget Thy+ teardrops, O LORD. Let them reside in the cup of my heart.

Glory be to THEE+ O Great Redeemer; Glory be to THEE+.

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