Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Season of the EPIPHANY ... Frankincense

Where IS HE+...
The ONE+ born
King of the Jews?

Frankincense... that fragrant herb...
also from the resin...
which helps the bitternesss of the myrrh.

Our dear Heavenly FATHER, we thank THEE for always bringing enough frankincense to mix with the bitter myrrh.

We pray, O dear FATHER, that THOU canst see JESUS when THOU lookest upon our hearts.

We pray for THY FATHERLY goodness to rest upon us during our trials ... that we may bring glory unto THEE.

Sanctify our trials and make them a sweet savor unto THEE, O LORD OUR GOD.

O LORD GOD, let it never be said, when THOU lookest upon me, "Where IS HE+?Have you hidden your light under a bushel? "

Remember, O MY+ child: If you deny ME+ before men, I +  will deny you before MY+ FATHER and before the Heavenly Angels.

Where IS  HE+,
in your life,
MY child ?  

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