Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentecost ! The Power of The Coming ONE+ !

Almighty GOD, on this day THOU opened the way of Eternal Life to every race and nation by the promised out-pouring of Thy Blessed HOLY SPIRIT through tongues of Holy Fire bestowed upon Thy Servants gathered together in that Upper Room so long ago. 

That great out-pouring engulfed Thy Servants and with great and several manifestations of tongues, THOU encompassed them with Thy POWER, enabling Thy Servants to shed abroad the Good News of Thy great Salvation.  

Now, O Great LORD, shed abroad this Gift of Thy HOLY SPIRIT in flames of Holy Fire so that Thy Servants living today may be emboldened to fight the foe of darkness and unbelief in this dead and dying world, redeeming the time and proclaiming the Gospel of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST... using words when necessary.

+  +  +

Today marks the 50th day
in times past 
since the Resurrection of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
This day the HOLY SPIRIT
came in fire.
This day HE bestowed
His manifold graces
upon the disciples
and sent them through the world
in great power,
with no fear of death .

Hadn't they just seen The Risen LORD ascend into the Heavenlies in His+ Glorified Body?

Hadn't they heard His+ gladsome words:

"Why are ye troubled,
and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold, MY HANDS AND MY FEET,
that it is I+ Myself+; 
Handle ME+ and see.
For a spirit

Amen and Hallelujah ! 

Baptize us, O LORD,
  • in Thy sanctified water,
  • with Thy Holy power,
  • with Thy Holy tongues,
  • to preach the Gospel,
  • to tell all nations this Truth:  

Believe and be baptized in the Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of your sins... and you TOO will receive the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT.

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