Friday, June 15, 2012


Welcome, Friends indeed !

This is the Season of Outreach and Evangelism on the Church Calendar. The liturgical color is GREEN... perhaps, for new growth ?

It is NOT the season of political rallies, concerts in the park, and national holidays... for the serious-minded Christian.

The ancient church calendar focused on the events surrounding The LORD JESUS and His+ bodily entrance into the human race and the church calendar  took its shape from those happenings. 

Starting with Abib, the first month in the Jewish calendar, in the Spring of the year, we have the Passover Season. That leads into Passion Week, followed by the Great and Glorious Resurrection Season.

Then, 50 days after Resurrection we enter into the Season of the Pentecost, when the HOLY SPIRIT was visited upon the believers in great power and glory.

After that, some churches call it "Trinity" Season, meaning that now The FATHER, His Beloved SON+, JESUS CHRIST, and  The HOLY SPIRIT have been made manifest unto mankind... the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily, through CHRIST JESUS. 

And as in Acts, the outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT upon the believers meant that The WORD+ would go forth in power and great glory, bringing others into the flock from every kindred, tongue, people, and nation. 

This is the great, power-filled 
Season of Evangelism
for the Church
following the outpouring
of the HOLY SPIRIT !

Now, the church goes forth in victory because death has no more dominion over it! Death was swallowed up in Victory through the Resurrection of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST ! 

Thus, we boldly and un-ashamedly proclaim the Saving Gospel of CHRIST JESUS to each and every person. His+ love, His+ forgiveness for repentant souls, His+ newness of life offered for each and every one of us  is proclaimed with Resurrection Power of the HOLY SPIRIT during the Trinity Season.  

One of the house group churches in China works out this season by calling it "Evangelism" month. Each person in the congregation is instructed to bring 3 new persons into the fold during the month of July. They go house to house, door to door, to find potential new members of the flock. 

The result? The China house church in that area grows exponentially! 

  • So, let us GIRD UP OUR LOINS.
  • Let us equip ourselves with hearts of joy, spirits of determination, and pockets of tracts, being ready "in season and out" to proclaim the Salvation of CHRIST JESUS offered to all.  
  • Let us claim the Resurrection Power of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST in our prayer closets, over our families, friends, neighbors, and communities.
  • And then, let us come forth out of our prayer closets and spread the Good News: 

you , too, can have a new life,
both now,
and for all Eternity !

Furthermore, this can only happen
when you yield
the control over your life...
your sordid, broken, unhappy life...
over to the ONE+ Who+
loves you best...
+  +  + 

In the Name of The FATHER,
WHO begot thee,
And HIS Beloved, Only-Begotten SON+
WHO+ saves thee, 
And their Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, 
WHO empowers thee
to proclaim the Salvation offered to mankind

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