Monday, May 7, 2012

A Letter to Mom....

Dear Mom,

     I never realized until I wrote in your Mother's Day card that motherhood never ceases.

I always thought that once we children were out on our own, that your "job" was done. Maybe it was, as far as cooking and laundry and cleaning goes. But, motherhood didn't cease; it simply shifted gears.

     I cannot envision a time when you might not be there for us. Even fighting through life together as a family, you have been at the heart of it.

      I am glad you are helping Sammy [ a younger brother, aged 45 ] to survive. I think you will have no regrets on your heart for assisting him however you can. What he does with it is not your responsibility nor accountability; it is his.

So, when you give him --- food, funds, truck, or laundry services --- he stands accountable to The LORD for his use ( or abuse ) of what he has been given. You have done your part as a conscientious mother. If Sammy wastes your gifts, do not worry about it. Your part is to give as wisely as possible in order to help.

     The LORD sees it all. HE+ is like a good parent. HE+ gives to each one of us. Our family in particular, and for no reason of our own, has been blessed with health, enough funds, and many creature comforts of this life. We have never lacked daily food, clothing, schooling, nor many fun things in life... not to mention a roof over our heads.

     The LORD has blessed dear Dad with strength over the years to provide plus a conscientious heart to take care of us all. Many, many families do not have a Dad like that.

   The LORD gives and gives. But, what do we do with His+ gifts? Do we do like Sammy often does and squander it all away ? 

     Like a good parent, HE+ fulfills His+ role in leading, guiding, and providing... even through adulthood if we never leave His+ house. It is not His+ responsibility nor accountability what we do with what HE+ has given us: it is solely ours. Remember the Parable of the Talents, Mom ?

    It brings joy to your heart when Sammy turns to thank you sincerely, with tears in his eyes for helping him, doesn't it ? Your heart rejoices when you see him spend his money on good things: his food, heat and electric bills, paying off obligations.

     How sad you are when he uses your funds for self-indulgence! How sad Our LORD is when we do the same !

You would be over-joyed to give our youngest brother even more... if you could be assured that he'd use it profitably, wouldn't you ?  Our LORD is like that, too. HE+ gives us gifts no money can buy when HE+ is assured we will use them profitably. Otherwise, HE+ simply cannot entrust us with very much.

     Just think about this. We have eyes to see: do we use our vision to read His+ Word ? We have ears to hear: do we listen to His+ music, His+ sermons, His+ words every chance we get? Are our minds given over to His+ thoughts ? 

We have communication skills: do we use our voices to glorify Our LORD JESUS throughout our day ? 

HE+ has granted us family: do we tell them of His+ love through our love, through our kind words, through our yielding to each other? HE+ has granted us a home: is it filled with His+ HOLY SPIRIT and thanksgiving --- especially when things vex us --- throughout the day? Are we training our selves as well as our children to handle disappointment with thanksgiving when things do not go our way ?

Indeed, what have each of us done with His+ gifts to us that no money can buy nor replace should our vision, voice, hearing, or mind be gone ? 

What, indeed, have we done with Our LORD JESUS CHRIST each day... this day

     Like thoughtless, untrained, unruly children have we all behaved, thinking His+ gifts were granted because... well, because we are great. HE+ 's the great one ! HE+ gives when we think it is our own prowess that has obtained what we wanted... giving when we "drink it up" and abuse His+ gifts, using them to support our self-indulgent quest for that elusive "happiness." 

     However, that happiness will never be fulfilled that way. Mom, we will never feel good about ourselves until we "feel good" about Our LORD in a very personal way... so personal that we would rather have JESUS than anything this world has to offer. ( Remember that song ?)

When we would rather have JESUS, then we will have that assurance of a berth in Heaven when we fly away. And, fly away we all must, some day. 

So, do not be weary in well-doing, Mom, even though you are not thanked very often for it... even though your well-doing is used to promote Sammy's bad habits instead of his right living.

You are in good company because Our LORD JESUS CHRIST does the same with our family, and indeed, with all mankind. 

A Man+ of Sorrows
and acquainted with grief
and we hid
as it were
our faces from HIM+
and we esteemed HIM+ not. 

No, HE+ is not shown in Scripture to be a laughing man, but a sorrowful one. 

But, there is coming a day when all that is going to change, Mom ! There is hope for tomorrow and wayward sons repent and return home everyday, like the prodigal that they are. Then there will be time for rejoicing with the angels when one lost sheep is found. 

Hold on to HIM+, Mom. HE+ will never let you down! Walk with HIM+ , His+ way.

Love to you, now...
In JESUS, Who+ alone is life, both here and beyond the grave ....   

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