Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Path of No Regrets....

There is no way around it: You MUST pick up daily discipline in order to grow. Otherwise, you will be vigorously tossed about by all the daily trials that beset you. Yes, trials DO come to every Christian every day. But, if you establish a daily discipline in your daily routine , your walk will become much smoother in spite of the trials.  

And he that taketh not his cross,
and followeth after ME+
is not worthy of ME+.
Matthew 10:38

How do we "pick up our cross" if we have no persecution?

We do it by applying DISCIPLINE to ourselves. 

Discipline does not mean that we beat ourselves with whips and cords. No, it is far more of an endurance trial than that.

Discipline entails self-denial of "softening" pleasures. It entails replacing time spent in worldly activities with GODLY pursuits. It means submitting our daily schedule to HIM+ to embrace prayer stops at 9 a.m, noon, and 3 p.m. It involves submitting our reading material to HIM+, replacing much of it with The Word of GOD.

Discipline involves stopping ourselves at the doors that say, "No Trespassing -- This Concern of Yours Will Be Handled by ME+.

This is the way the serious disciple of CHRIST JESUS learns to make HIM+ LORD... truly LORD...  of his life.

Let us learn to practice discipline.

It is the one path of
no regrets.

+  +  +

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