Friday, March 11, 2011

Set Apart... A Vessel Meet for the MASTER +...

At midnight,
I will rise to give thanks unto THEE+
because of Thy+ righteous jugdments. 
Psalm 119:62

Some, of course, take this Scripture on face value and set their hearts and their clocks to rise up at midnight and offer Psalms, prayers, and thanksgivings ! Can you just imagine the benefits of peace and joy that must flow to those who do this?
We strive EVERY hour of the day or night to focus on The LORD. At night, when we arise for a drink of water or to take care of our needs, we give thanks to Our LORD. While sleeping, we give thanks when we turn over or when a noise awakens us and we are still groggy. It becomes a habit to turn every adjustment into an opportunity to remember our Great LORD. .
In that remembering, let us not forget HIS+ righteous judgments. Yes, HE+ will take care of the evil doers in time. HE+ will also take care of HIS+ own who persist in disobedience, leaning on "cheap" grace to get them through.
Read Numbers 15 and 16. The LORD had commanded HIS+ people to set apart a day of rest... a sabbath... on the 7th day of the week. One man shrugged it off and went to gather sticks. He was caught and put into hold until Moses could ascertain the mind of The LORD. The LORD instructed them to stone that man! 
What's wrong with picking up sticks ?
What's wrong with disobedience?
Disobedience will cost you
 your life in CHRIST.
( See Matthew 7:21 )
O LORD, with mercy hear my cry ! I have disobeyed THEE+ in innumerable little ways. I have not rendered to THEE+ "first time" obedience as I ought... yet I require that of others.  My tongue, the thoughts of my heart, my relentless judgment of others all cry out against me.
Help me to extend the same mercy to others as THOU+ dost extend towards me; cleanse me, heal me, and do not hold it against me.  Send my sins far, far away and cover my nakedness with Thy+ Blood, O LAMB of GOD, Who+ taketh away the sins of the world. Have mercy upon me, a sinner.  
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Passover 2011
Meditation #3

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