Monday, March 21, 2011

Set Apart for The MASTER + ...

My+ sheep hear My+ Voice,
and I + know them,
and they follow ME+.

It is imperative to learn to know HIS+ Voice. We learn to recognize HIS+ Voice when we spend time with HIM+.
O My+ people, do not be led astray by the voice of  other sheep , by the voice of  false teachers, or by the voice of your own flesh.

Spend sacrificial,  precious time with ME+,  for I+ will tune your ears to hear My+ Voice

Learn to submit the desires of your heart to ME+ and to My+ Word. Learn to fast from the voices of other sheep, seeking My+ Voice, My+ companionship alone.  Learn to guard your heart from teachings which do not match My+ Words. I+ will teach you if you do not understand some Scriptures... if you stay yourself before ME+.

Set apart your time, your life, for ME+.
+  +  +

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