Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Way of The Cross
Pascha Season 2009
Pascha Meditation 2

I must needs go home
by the Way of The Cross;
There’s no other way
but this.

Today, let us set up stations of the Cross. Our friends in the Roman Catholic and high church traditions have been doing this for awhile in their churches. Likely, we can do this more simply and in a variety of ways in our own homes. Perhaps, too, this would be a more effective way because we are at home more than “at” church.

So, here are some suggestions.

#1 Establish a cross station in each or several rooms of your home. It is good to have one at the kitchen sink, for instance, or where you do the laundry or ironing. Don’t forget the bathrooms or outhouses. Establish one at your husband’s desk or work area, also.

At the station, put up a cross. If you don’t have one for the wall or on a stand, then hang a necklace, chain, or cord with a cross on it. Or, tape up a nice picture of a cross from a greeting card from last Resurrection Season or one that your young people have colored or made.

#2 At each of the cross stations, establish a verse, a Psalm, Scripture, or Meditation (such as “Keep a Clear Eye”) to read. If you have children, appoint them to read, write, or find the meditation. These may change daily or weekly, as you see fit.

#3 Find a bell for each station (some old jingle bells do just fine) to ring before and after your prayer. Again, your children will delight to ring the bell to call to worship and to sanctify the end of it.

4 Learn to make the sign of the cross over yourself and over your children. Begin or end your worship with it… or whenever the Trinity is mentioned in the Doxology… or whenever The Name of The LORD JESUS CHRIST is mentioned.

No, the sign of the cross is NOT a monopoly of the high church tradition, nor did they invent it. The Early Christians made the sign of the cross often, according to the early writings. Like the cross, it belongs to the entire Body of CHRIST, the whole Christian Church. [An up-coming blog will review what the Early Christians said about the sign of the cross and how they did it.]

#5 Worship individually, together after a meal, or at quiet times through-out the day. We at the Order of the GOOD SHEPHERD+ like to keep a schedule. Ours varies from every 3 hours, starting at 6 a.m., to every hour (on some days). However, spontaneous worship works just as well to keep one’s focus on CHRIST. The important thing is not “when” you do it, but that you DO it… either individually or as a family unit. Set a goal: 3 x a day or 6 x a day, etc.

#6 If you work in public, then establish SOME kind of station there too. The visible witness is essential for you to stay focused on CHRIST while in the busy work world, and for others to see. [It strengthens the hidden Christians and it will give you ample opportunity to witness to the hungry ones.]

May The LORD bless us as we return to HIM+ during these brief minutes of worship throughout the day, throughout the Pascha Season; it is the least we can do.


We proclaim Thy Name in our homes, in our hearts, in our lives. We cannot imagine living without THEE+. Pull us ever closer to Thy Great Good Heart so that we might find our home in THEE+.

Receive these, our imperfect prayers, O GOD, in the Name of Our Heavenly FATHER, Who created us; His Beloved SON+, Who saves us; and The Blessed HOLY SPIRIT,
Who sanctifies us.
+ + +

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pilgrimhen said...

Keep planning to call, but never at the right time! Gracie enjoys the CD you sent her. I went to Ash Wed service at St. Andrews ANGLICAN church yesterday. Heard an excellent sermon on sin.