Monday, February 9, 2009

Skellig Michael; Ancient Celtic Christian Monastery

a vision from an OGS Monk,
Bro. Brendon Patrick

During times of prayer lately, I had been asking our LORD+ about the huge amount of evil that seems to be multiplying daily across the earth. At one point I asked the LORD+ about HIS+ church being kept in existence on the earth, being kept from the enemies both visible and invisible.

I said, “Lord+, it seems like we need a weapon of some sort.”

HE+ answered and said, “I AM YOUR WEAPON”.

HE+ also sends those of HIS+ Hosts appointed for this work, to be ministering spirits, fellow “combatants” so to speak, for those who are following CHRIST.

A few weeks later this vision came as I waited before the LORD+.

This short vision of the “warrior angel” was encouraging to me.

This angel seemed very large (compared to mortal humans), 8 or 10 feet tall it seemed, with two wings extending up over him another 6 feet or so above his head almost in a straight line ( not out to the side). He looked more or less human shaped, but different, stronger, more perfect. He had no beard. His face was neither happy or sad but was very “single-minded” in countenance.

When he stood still, his color was golden over white, but his bodily “substance” seemed to be swirling or moving, like an “energy” of some kind. (See Ezekiel 1:27). When he began to move he became like liquid fire. He still had his form, but was like liquid fire and had more volume. As he moved faster, the liquid fire became larger and more intense and swirling. The angelic form was almost lost at one point in a swirling mass or “ball” of liquid fire. The more or faster he moved, the more intense the rolling fire became.

Then, as he slowed down, the fire lessened in intensity, and as he settled and became still, his human-like form became visible again, although his body still seemed to be made of swirling energy of some kind, ( known to the LORD+ alone). Even standing still, the “fire” or “energy” swirled and moved constantly. I heard the words, “warrior angel”. The brief vision was over at that point.

I saw no sword of any kind, although I know the swords mentioned in scripture would not be like we think of swords , but something beyond human concepts. He had two wings, not six nor four, as scripture relates of some classes or orders of angels, seraphim or multi-faced cherubim.

In the book of Enoch a class known as ophanin is mentioned. I researched the word and it does have to do with fire, or whirling “wheels” of fire. I could not find out much more.

This was different altogether, than what I had always though of as a warrior angel, but it seems that there are different orders/classes of Warrior Angels among those of the LORD’S+ Hosts.

I had been troubled lately over the great amount of evil that is building in the world. I think the Lord + may have sent this vision to show me that the amount of evil will be easily taken care of; it will be no problem. At the appointed time it will be made plain. (I think of Joel 3; 2, 11 & 12, among others)

He even gives to us power over all the power of the adversary

we walk closely to Him+ in obedience

and abide in Him+
( John 15 ).

We must become skilled with the weapons of our warfare, which are not carnal, natural weapons like those of the world, but are supernatural weapons of the HOLY SPIRIT. These weapons really WORK to demolish the strongholds of the adversary and his minions and strike terror into them.

May HE+ help us to stand firm and to overcome “through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, and to love not our lives unto the death.” We take our LORD JESUS CHRIST, His+ Holy Apostles and Prophets, and the martyrs and confessors of the pre-Nicene and Early Church as our examples.

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, and of the SON+, and of the HOLY SPIRIT + + +

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