Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Way of The Cross
Pascha Season 2009
Ash Wednesday
Year of Our LORD,

I must needs go home
by the Way of The Cross;
There’s no other way
but this.

I shall never get sight
of the Gates of Light,
If the Way of The Cross
I miss.

The Way of The Cross
leads home,
leads home.

The Way of The Cross
leads home…
leads home.

It is sweet to know
as I onward go…
The Way of the Cross
leads home.

This old hymn by Jessie Pounds tells us how to get home. As we begin Pascha Season [Passover or Lent] this year, home seems increasingly more important. Home is the place we are welcomed and wanted… where we are secure and our various needs are most abundantly and delightfully met. As adults, we try to make our homes that place of security for our children or spouses or extended family.

But in the long run, no earthly dwelling and no family circle can provide a “home” that meets ALL the needs of our hearts. Our hearts are ever-hungry to be filled. Our endless activities… in the Church or in the world’s arenas… only make us hungrier for the REAL. All the rest gets old. And we get tired, realizing we’ve been on a hamster wheel instead of the Path of Life.

But thankfully, that drives us to drink more deeply from the Well of Life Eternal. We hunger and thirst after Life and His+ Righteousness. Bless GOD! HE+ has provided the Way for us to get it. It is called the Way of The Cross.

There is no shortcut.

There is no alternate route.

There is no detour.

In HIS+ infinite wisdom, only the Way of The Cross will bring us home. All other routes will lead us astray.

During these occasional Paschal Meditations, let us set our sights on going home. In so doing, let us cease following other routes, sowing to the flesh or natural-minded man. Let us become Heavenly-minded… Heavenly-oriented… with our focus upon Home… the only place that matters.

Gracious Heavenly FATHER,
We thank THEE for sending us Thy Beloved SON+ to show us the Way home to THEE. We know there is no other way but HIS+.

We bless THEE+, LORD JESUS, for setting Thy+ Face towards Jerusalem. Help us in our weakness and frailty to do the same, so that we can get safely home. For Thy+ Name’s Sake, we ask this, O LORD, our Savior and Redeemer.

In the Name of The FATHER
Who created us;
Thy Blessed SON+
Who+ saves us;
Who sanctifies us.
+ + +

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