Monday, September 19, 2016


JESUS Wept… 

is written such

when sorrow much at Death prevails,

holding all in gloom-filled tomb;

no end in sight for Sorrow’s Might

when Death destroys a loved one. 



JESUS Wept… 

Scriptures said, 

when  tears o’r-flowed from family. 

Neighbors came a-weeping,

as Death untamed

laid its Claim for keeping.    


Yes, JESUS Wept…

Seeing Death affect the Living,

curse in sway sweeps life away,

destroying all it touches .


JESUS Wept… 

but swept aside His+ Veil of Flesh

and earthly fears with groans,

unheard His+ moans

by fleshly, human ears.    


Then JESUS  Lifted

… not the stone…

but the Tone

of Command.

There HE+ met the curse head-first: 


LAZARUS ! Here ! Outside !

HE+ cried.

This time… with no tears! 



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